the wait

waiting sucks… while i don’t mind waiting for things that i know i will get, but when you have to wait to find stuff out (when there is a chance that stuff may not go as you want it to)… that sucks… like… if your at a theme park.. and you are waiting in line… sure its not as fun as the ride… but i enjoy waiting in lines like that… you simply deal with it.. and you make the best of it… you start talking to people waiting with you and you accomplish more than just going on the ride… now… if there is bad weather then… this kind of wait turns into a wait for a bar… when you are in line for a bar… its all good if its early.. or if you are waiting with the people you plan to hang out with.. but when you are waiting in line for the bar.. and its long and you are not sure if you’ll get in… this sucks…

so i guess i am just trying to say.. that waiting is kool.. if is as waiting in a queue… but waiting for the luck of the draw… sux!

but wait… isn’t the line at the bar a queue? shit… ok.. i need another example… ahh maybe another day!!


freebsd + darwin

well.. i decided to go with freebsd on my pc… as the os to help facilitate the backing up of my powerbook… damn i never realized how slow 810 kb/s really is when you are dealing with gigs of shit!! to get around the problem i was having with the special characters that macs HFS+ allows… i simply used smbclient on the freebsd machine and did some mgets from the powerbook… samba automatically replaced the ?’s and the /’s with _’s…..

btw jim lahey is a drunk bastard.

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