the most aware

i’m the most busy.. the most active.. the most engaged.. the most experienced.. but also the most doubtful. i know the most people and i have the most assets. and i’m the most sad. and the most alone. and the most aware than ever.

reckless consumer

many of you already know this but for those of you who don’t… riding a shopping cart down the parkade ramp at costco #552 is my absolute favourite thing to do in vancouver.

i not very good at it… like.. i can really only go about 5 metres without running into one of the walls… but look what i found: this.

thanks internet.  muha-haha. 🙂

what do i have to offer

What do I have to offer?
You didn’t offer me anything.
This is my next project.

Over the past few years my focus has been on skill acquisition and mastery. Haven’t really had a game plan other than first identifying a hole in my life and filling it with something new that would challenge me and would hopefully benefit me in some kind of serendipitous way.

‘Things always work out’ has been my motto forever. But this isn’t necessarily true anymore.

Things need triggers. People need to be pushed.

ohhh that’s soo hard for me to type out. I don’t believe that at all. I know things will work out. They always work out!!

People do need to take risks. Me. I’ve taken managed risks. That’s my thing. Baby steps. Micro assessments. And such.

But I’m doubting myself lately.

blog is back!

hey kids.. the blog is back…

all it took was hanging out with a few of my coworkers… and quality time in the meeting room.. and the blog was back.. and updated (to the newest version of wp) in no time…

let’s see what happens now…

whoa.. wordpress 2.5!

whoa wordpress 2.5 is umm.. different… time to expore!

leap year

I once wrote a blog entry on a February 29th and this is it.

Pretty awesome (and/or lame) huh?


it was that kind of morning…

this morning was an interesting morning, well i guess it wasn’t that interesting, but it was a good one… let me try to explain…

it was the kind of morning where… the coffee grinder produces the perfect texture and amount of coffee to create a brew that just tastes right.

it was the kind of morning where… your digital media player’s shuffle plays all good songs and in an optimal order.

it was the kind of morning where… it is bright and dry outside but with just enough of a chill in the air to make you feel fully refreshed.

it was the kind of morning where… you are able to stand comfortably on the bus, with ample room to let your messenger bag hang freely and have the ability to swap handrails at will.

it was the kind of morning where… you eventually notice that you have a little skip in your step and that makes you want to stand up even straighter.

it was that kind of morning…

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