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alright folks… it’s all about to get serious now… the conservatives are well conservatives… and want to start continue fucking things up… so go grab a nice stiff drink… watch this… and do your part… [link via YouTube]

it was that kind of morning…

this morning was an interesting morning, well i guess it wasn’t that interesting, but it was a good one… let me try to explain…

it was the kind of morning where… the coffee grinder produces the perfect texture and amount of coffee to create a brew that just tastes right.

it was the kind of morning where… your digital media player’s shuffle plays all good songs and in an optimal order.

it was the kind of morning where… it is bright and dry outside but with just enough of a chill in the air to make you feel fully refreshed.

it was the kind of morning where… you are able to stand comfortably on the bus, with ample room to let your messenger bag hang freely and have the ability to swap handrails at will.

it was the kind of morning where… you eventually notice that you have a little skip in your step and that makes you want to stand up even straighter.

it was that kind of morning…

festive plans

festive pops
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so i’m heading home for christmas this year and i’m looking forward to the downtime and catching up with my family and all my old skool chums. i’m going to be spending plenty of time with my pops (well since i am not right now, while he lays in the hospital awaiting more tests) and with my grandpa, grandma, mom and sister. three weeks in onterrible is a long time, so i should be able to float around peacefully and chill out a lot. also going to be spending a lot of time with my friends as i usually do, but i think this time family is going to have a bit more priority… and well, ‘me time’ ranks right up there too…

that’s all for now, since thinking about xmas is really tough when it is sunny outside in vancouver in late november.

sunflower seeds

eating sunflower seeds is great…   even indoors when you have a red plastic beer cup as your spit container…  anyway… it’s may two-four… and it really feels like it…  not really sure why.. or how… or even what defines the feeling of may 2-4…  but i’ve got the feeling… and it’s just too bad i am not camping this weekend…   or hanging out in some sand dunes….  or drinking way too much and picking fights with random people…  or even just showing up at unexpected someones cottage… either way.. this weekend marks the start of summer… and this year.. it’s going to be a good one!


for those of you that feel like is not updated often enough… feel free to check out my tumblelog… which includes an assortment of many sudden and clumsy short-form and mixed-media posts (including random links, quotes, dialogues, videos and a bunch of stuff automatically pulled from flickr, twitter, events, etc… )…


you work as a cash

getting voicemail not intended for you is often far too entertaining to keep to yourself… so enjoy my peeps… enjoy…

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