over the next twenty-four hours my life will be a little different. from 12-noon sunday to 12-noon monday, i will be abstaining from alcohol and all-forms of online connectivity (including my VoIP, since i’ll need to unplug the modem to experience the full effect).

wing person needed

all i want is to have some fun people to hang out with who will let me wholly be who i am or want to be, indirectly challenge me to be a better person and succeed in giving me the confidence boosts i need to exceed all my self-induced goals and expectations. basically, i need a wing man, kuz evidently, i suck on my own.

enjoy the ride

well my trip to the USA went well. i had a great time at the wedding, actually appreciated the extreme temperatures, enjoyed being myself, and, well, confirmed my love for vancouver. anyways, someone should have reminded me before my trip that the following weekend (this weekend) is a long weekend, because if i knew that, i would have flown to ontario from the usa (to visit with my friends/family), and killed two birds with one stone (or for you animal lovers out there… drank two beers with one funnel)… ohh well too late for that now.. so i guess, i will have to find some things to do to entertain myself… maybe head down to the waterfront, look at all the boats i wish i was on, set some new medium-term goals, and no matter what, focus on enjoying every moment that composes this ride called life.

america scares me

it is absolutely perfect outside in vancouver today.. nothing but sunshine, blue skies, and 21°C of sheer joy!! and here i am going to arkansas tomorrow, where i am going to:

  1. melt, kuz it’s going to be 99°F;
  2. possibly get shot, kuz we all know americans love, and yet can’t control, their firearms;
  3. imprisoned for my left wing, reasonable, thoughts and beliefs; or,
  4. simply robbed of my human rights, well, just kuz they can…

either way, i am going to feel like a fish out of water, kuz:

  1. i will be cruising around in a gas-guzzling SUV, instead of chillin’ on the bus that safely and efficiently transports 119 people at a time;
  2. i’ll be in the heart of wal-mart country, instead of being in a city that fully opposes all of wal-mart’s business practices and today, is still totally wal-mart free; and,
  3. well the obvious one, i will be a damn sexy canadian in the usa, instead of my normal… intra-canadian immigrant status.

anyways, this trip isn’t about me… it’s about ryan’s little sister who is getting married, so i hope it all goes well.. and that my visit makes everything that much better…

it’s the little things

so today i got a personal reply to my product registration for my external hard drive. adam, actually read what i type in those little form fields!!… and replied to me… wow good work maxtor!! i know i will, for sure, buy from you guys again, well assuming the drive doesn’t die on me (and if it does, that there will be no hassle over-nighting me a free replacement).

zip a de do da

well i opened my mailbox today, and guess what, there was a dvd in there!! i am in love with so far.. and it makes sense.. kuz, one, i have always loved getting mail and two, these are not bills but rather movies and tv shows i can watch! sopranos time, cheers!

from functional to inspirational

so, this is the third entry that i have started with ‘so’, and so what… when i look around this apartment, i get a feeling that tells me that i need some stuff on the walls, that i need some art, something kool, that i like, and that i can relate to, and that i can justify spending money on…. now, i know that my walls will not be full immediately, since that would require many bunches of cash… but i know in the end, buying some real art will be kool… now, maybe this idea of ‘acquiring’ art is stemmed from my childhood, where i was not exposed to any real art or anything expensive that represented unique thought (well, unless it had some functional use, of course).

nothing new here

so, this weekend has been filled with many events… i’ve watched movies (thanks zip), did some freelance work (thanks nationals), went out friday and saturday nite (thanks mitch and hebs), went shopping (thanks retail stores and work), did laundry (thanks tide), and more (thanks)… but today, something just feels kinda off.. it’s not that i am bored per se, but that i have nothing to do that feels worth while. sure i could do some of the 23978972 things i have to do at the office this week, but it’s the weekend and i should have something better to do. now, i could go hang out at some random place in vancouver, and potentially meet my dream girl, but chances are she’s locked in her own apartment right now, drinking some lightly spiked fruit punch, out of a glass that is heavily marked by condensation, while carelessly flipping through a rather thick glossy magazine over and over. so.. given that.. i think i am just going to have a drink myself, sit on my balcony, and enjoy my own company. all in all, nothing new here.

external storage

so yesterday, i finally splurged and bought me an external hard drive. i got the maxtor onetouch ii (250 gb/16mb cache/7200 rpm, with firewire 400/usb2) and it’s fucken sexy. now, i can backup my data easily and don’t have to think about any exceeding my capacity limit on a daily basis (well for at least for the time being). it was kinda a little more than i wanted to spend, but it was exactly what i desired, and of course it was the lowest market price i could i find, so i just bit the bullet. “yey, more room for multimedia!!”


there should be another way record what i am thinking slash feeling without needing the actual mental process that is required to write it out coherently. if this was possible this weblog would be way less ambiguous and would actually be an interesting record of my life. but guess what, that method doesn’t exist, so here i am, in essence, writing about wanting to write about, what i essentially want to write about.

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