external storage

so yesterday, i finally splurged and bought me an external hard drive. i got the maxtor onetouch ii (250 gb/16mb cache/7200 rpm, with firewire 400/usb2) and it’s fucken sexy. now, i can backup my data easily and don’t have to think about any exceeding my capacity limit on a daily basis (well for at least for the time being). it was kinda a little more than i wanted to spend, but it was exactly what i desired, and of course it was the lowest market price i could i find, so i just bit the bullet. “yey, more room for multimedia!!”


Its such a turn-on when you refer to your hard drive as sexy! Now I truely know you spend too much time with electronic toys and not enough time with women!

2005.07.20 5:26 am

sounds like someone is a little jealous (you)
and sounds like someone may have a little problem (me)

2005.07.20 7:20 am

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