nothing new here

so, this weekend has been filled with many events… i’ve watched movies (thanks zip), did some freelance work (thanks nationals), went out friday and saturday nite (thanks mitch and hebs), went shopping (thanks retail stores and work), did laundry (thanks tide), and more (thanks)… but today, something just feels kinda off.. it’s not that i am bored per se, but that i have nothing to do that feels worth while. sure i could do some of the 23978972 things i have to do at the office this week, but it’s the weekend and i should have something better to do. now, i could go hang out at some random place in vancouver, and potentially meet my dream girl, but chances are she’s locked in her own apartment right now, drinking some lightly spiked fruit punch, out of a glass that is heavily marked by condensation, while carelessly flipping through a rather thick glossy magazine over and over. so.. given that.. i think i am just going to have a drink myself, sit on my balcony, and enjoy my own company. all in all, nothing new here.

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