taxable principles

today, i need to file my income taxes. sure the deadline is not until tomorrow at midnight, but i feel i have already put this off for far too long. you see, it’s unusual for me not to enjoy doing my taxes, since in the past, i have always been amused by the documents that need to be aggregated through this formal and complex system of calculations, and how one slight variation of a single entry can result in vast disparities.

maybe all this dawdling is just a result of my subconscious acceptance to paying income tax, and an acknowledgment that my participation in the filing process, could only bring more complication my way. in other words… my taxes are taken off each pay at the appropriate rate, determined by trained professionals… the cra already knows this, and what i make, and what i have paid them.. so why bother asking me again? do they want me, a simply layman, to err in their favour, and pay out more of my hard earned cash than necessary by law? or are they being thoughtful and simply providing me with a formal means to lie, cheat, and steal my way out of paying the required taxes? i don’t know!! shit, maybe overpaying is even a good thing to further help provide the social services and infrastructure we all need and love… i just don’t know anymore!!

most important meal

hello hello, it’s just me again.. writing away.. saying hi… i’ve been über-busy at work and it’s totally draining me.. however, i did manage to have a good weekend.. friday i went out and bought me a new laptop bag.. because it was about time to say bye to my north face backpack from grade nine… and i also went out for drinks with cameron at the alibi room and with tyler at king’s head… overall had a great night… saturday, i didn’t do much.. i don’t think… and sunday i went out on a blind breakfast date, which was a refreshing change.. eating breakfast is great.. i should do it more often, because it’s the most important meal of the day you know…

the sociocultural factor

well that was interesting… i awoke fairly early this morning and had an urge to get out and do something… at first, i thought of renting a bicycle and riding around stanley park… but then i figured it may be better to save that for day with a little less overcast…

and then moments later, it dawned on me.. it’s sunday… and what do some people do on sunday.. “mmm… church… i’ll goto church!” so i messaged my sister and we laughed at the thought of it together for a while… and i did some googling to find a church around here, then i shaved, showered, put my ‘sunday clothes’ on, and headed down to Holy Rosary Cathedral for mass…

this was something i had not done since grade school, when i purposely broke-free from organized religion (and decided not to receive the sacrament of confirmation – something then, and probably still, unheard of for a student in a catholic school)

anyways, my spontaneity, the ceremony, the nearly forgotten procedures, and especially the protests outside on the sidewalk, all helped to create an interesting event to partake in…

pizza delivery

hey last night i ordered some food in, for the first while living at this apartment… i’ve resisted trying to do this in the past, since i had no buzzer for the delivery person to buzz.. but last week, or maybe two weeks ago now.. i had my property manager hook my buzzer up… so now i am in business.

my first delivery was from pizza hut… since i was craving a ‘the edge-works’ and also since i wanted to try out their online ordering… (which they had in the 90s and no one used it, so i think they got rid of it, but it’s back now as it should be)

anyways, online ordering is not as personal or fun as calling to flirt and order your pizza.. but it is nice to see the specials displayed in a static form instead of asking for them and then trying to rhyme them off to your friends.. and then saying.. ok.. i’ll call you back.. and then calling back to make your order.. so i guess you lose a little to get a little.. or something… 😛

acoustic guitar

hey.. so i bought me my first guitar and thus far it’s awesome.. i am learning all about c and d and g and yey!! i am so giddy.. ohh and in case you are wondering i got the yamaha f310 from long & mcquade’s down on hastings st… kele helped pick it out… and crissy explained the basics… and well.. i am totally stoked!! – i have sore fingers, but so totally stoked!! – learning something completely new is going to be awesome!! “ohh.. what’s that you say?… i have to get back to being an indie rock star right now?.. ohh ok.. (a popular desire)


so i am 25 and just moments ago [well actually it was hours ago due to self-imposed editorial constraints] i realized that i am not an old man but rather i am the youngest of men… and i also realized car rental places have had it right all along… kuz at 25 you really do suddenly grow up (and no longer have the urge to totally burn their cars’ brakes out for mere entertainment purposes)…. but would rather spend your time doing productive things that can actually benefit a positive predetermined cause or that can contribute towards something that will make your life happy in the future and/or even right now.

you see, at 25 i guess the world is your oyster… if you played your cards right (assuming the cards you were dealt were good) you should be in a situation that is pretty much similar to any other new beginning in your life… i say this, kuz me being 25 really feels like i am starting at a new school… or something like that… kuz i know i have done what it takes to get here… but i am still pretty much unfamiliar with it all… now, keep in mind at work… i am getting the hang of it, no prob at all… but in my personal life…. i still pretty much feel like i am on a short-term holiday, away from my friends and girlfriend, which means it doesn’t really matter what i do now, kuz when this is over it will all be back to how it was before i left…… the problem is i know this is not true… i now know living away from home is not a short-term thing…. i know that me living day-to-day now is actually my life… and whenever i can do things that make me happy, i should… ok.. forget about my logic and theories… maybe it will be most beneficial if we look at another popular medium that helps indoctrinate us all… such as, american network television… so lets focus on popular sitcoms or dramas or any type of show with characters in the 25-35 age group… we can see that the majority of their ‘televised’ lives are absorbed not by working, blogging, or recycling, or toilet cleaning, or anything common to me like that.. but rather by the pursue of finding a perfect date or a perfect life-partner…. so well… i guess i need to start doing that… not kuz american network television knows best… but rather kuz i know this is what i am missing…

why i didn’t write this blog entry

there are so many things i have wanted to blog about lately… interesting topics that would stir conversation and entertain many of you for hours… like how i think i am almost over my apparent obsession with arguing about the deposit-driven beverage container recycling system here; how routine environments help flourish inside humor and why inside jokes are important; how i am going to go out, buy, and learn, how to play guitar; how i am now a card carrying member of (the evil) costco; how i have made my blog load faster by removing all javascript and tables; how i am in need for a new and refined wardrobe; how i spent 3 evenings in-a-row socializing with other actual real people; and how i did many, many other things that, if i wrote about them, you blog-reading folk could have fed off of for… like i said… hours… but instead… i unintentional (of course) neglect you all… and only share these items in local and offline conversation.

ps. this blog entry kinda reminds me of my grade 8 speech, which broke-free from my then warn ‘story-driven’ type speeches that i had presented since grade 4… so i think i’ll name this post after it… “why i didn’t write this speech” blog entry”

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