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hey.. so i bought me my first guitar and thus far it’s awesome.. i am learning all about c and d and g and yey!! i am so giddy.. ohh and in case you are wondering i got the yamaha f310 from long & mcquade’s down on hastings st… kele helped pick it out… and crissy explained the basics… and well.. i am totally stoked!! – i have sore fingers, but so totally stoked!! – learning something completely new is going to be awesome!! “ohh.. what’s that you say?… i have to get back to being an indie rock star right now?.. ohh ok.. (a popular desire)


so r u recording your first piece of practice time

2006.04.12 12:36 am


dear god, i hope not! haha

i’m just kiddin! good luck with your C’s n D’s n G’s…hopefully your one second switch time between chords will continue to decrease and your purple fingers will become callised shortly!

2006.04.12 5:39 am

good shit joe…
once you learn… you can teach me… then we can jam and cover pearl jam tunes like back in the day…

2006.04.12 8:18 am

congrats man… that’s awesome… learn “elderly woman standing behind the counter in a small town”… you’ll get those chords down in no time…

d d7 g c g
2 3 3 3 3
3 3 3 3 3
2 2 0 0 0
0 0 0 2 0
x x 2 3 2
x x 3 x 3

over and over… good luck!!

2006.04.12 8:21 pm

1. adjustable tension wrist support *important* keeps your wrist straighter when you fret and minimizes any pain associated with your entire arm
2. a big jar of aloe vera, the blue one has pain relief ingredients in it or a bucket of ice
3. less pressure on strings or lower the gauge 10-45
4. a fine body of brandy (to drink, LOL)
5. when it hurts too much-it is time to stop to avoid serious muscle injury
6. a pair of thin cotton gloves filled with petroleum jelly to soften the calluses when they begin
7. guitar back strap helps, so you can just slide it off easily
8. before you start WARM UP EXERCISES like stretch out your hands, fingers, and arms.
9. correct playing position- don’t wear your guitar too low
10. please, please, please learn “Love me tender”

2006.04.13 9:26 am

hey joe! that’s great news. now we can both be rock stars when we grow up.

2006.04.16 12:29 pm


haha…oh Joey. You’re so cute….or hot (whichever you prefer). hehe. good luck learning the guitar. you can serenade me when you’re good!

2006.04.21 6:34 pm

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