most likely

i’m just here to type.

somewhere fresh and clean. somewhere open and free.

this keyboard makes me feel like typing.

but i don’t have much to say (yet).

i don’t want to talk about the past. or really what is happening right now.

i’m curious about the future and what i’ll feel.

feel… ?

us twelve years into the future was brought up tonight.

twelve years didn’t seem too far in the future. but, yeah, no, wow.

i wonder how my friends figured it out twelve years ago.

i’ll ask them sometime soon.


it wasn’t that i disagreed with it, but being in an environment where compliments are far too often used as a tactic on the unsuspecting, it certainly stopped me in my tracks.

it’s not everyday someone freely dishes out an adjective that so accurately characterizes you in a manner that, just hearing it, reminds you and reassures you that you actually just might be that person you’ve always been.  you could even say it only happens once in a blue moon.

anyway, in a time when i would, more often than not, identify and describe myself with its antonyms, it was a refreshing surprise.

thanks friend.

no right answer

over the last few years i’ve changed.

i’ve kept some things fairly constant (my job, my home) but for the most part i’ve been starting, stopping, trying, fiddling, and tweaking things.

major shit has happened (dad’s heart attack then stroke, grandpa’s cancer, grandma’s passing away, and more…)

i’ve worked on big projects… i’ve travelled.

i’ve learned about a new industries:  video games.

i’ve grown a beard, bought a hat, joined a softball team.

i’ve had ups and downs in relationships and even cut friends from my life.

i’ve read books, attended dozens of concerts, and even started to gain an understanding and appreciation for music created before i was.

i’m not optimistic by default as i once was.  i know shit sucks now.  but i kinda like knowing that.

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