discrepancies of self

conflict between a psyche of glamorous and enchanting thought; unyielding and engrossing emotion; and a physical existence filled with prosaic habitual behaviour and capacity.

an ad-hoc entry

so lets all assume that everything is in a cycle… and this cycle is made up of many other cycles and these cycles vary in size and magnitude and all have different characteristics and attributes… every cycle can be linked across cycles and within each cycle there can be an unlimited combination of mini-cycles. lets also assume this doesn’t mean that the same things will occur repetitively and indefinitely, since the journey through a cycle can lead to new cycles which must be, due to assumption one, part of a larger cycle. hey.. now lets assume that we totally transcend ‘the cycle’ and the closest we ever get to it… is through our relationship with the recurring succession of events that are sequences in our lives. and finally lets assume that this entry was only created for the purpose of creating this single entry and that it can only exist if it is part of a cycle.

is this entry even possible?

the floor

ok.. there is something about this picture that is just worth blogging… maybe because it it just looks kool.. or maybe kuz it is the view from the floor that we have all seen… but this floor is different… it is kinda cold… and uncomfortable.. however it shines with a warm feeling… with the colour red.. that gives you hope… and it lets you believe that you are close to the exit… close to something that makes everything a-ok… yet… at the same time, you feel kinda cozy right here on the floor… kuz you know the door is nearby, and even though you really don’t want to be on the floor, it gives you with a feeling of comfort and security despite the fact that you laying in the middle of the floor. either way… this picture rocks… thanks swissmiss!

matter of perception

well it’s getting a bit dark out here.. and it’s kinda cold.. too.. but there are still quite a few people walking by… this will defiantly be a nice place to chill and watch people walk by.. but.. too bad it just not facing the other way.. ohh well… i guess.. that will be the next place.. that will be ‘bigger and better’… it’s all about progress people… step by step… life will get better… and thus far it is true… sure sometimes.. i feel like shit.. and i am like.. what the fuck am i doing… but… for the past week or so.. it has all been so good… it’s all a matter of perception… like being out here in the cold.. i could be all negative if i wanted to be.. but it’s good… i like it… and that’s all that matters. i have my tunes blaring, my hoodie on, and i have feeling inside that is so warm and fuzzy.

urban shine

so today is gorgeous out. it’s sunny, warm, and this city is radiating in every direction. walking around, looking up, with some quality indie canadian music in the background (stars), the sun shining down and reflecting off of the water, while the sail boats coast by, and the mountains look down over all of us… vancouver is such a pretty place. yesterday, dre and i even discovered that we have an ‘unauthorized’ balcony on the roof of our apartment… with a stunning view… and it’s pretty easy to get to… all you have to do is climb through this little window.. and viola… ohh yeah and friday.. we went on a little road trip to the US of A… which was good.. well for the cheap beer, boxed wine, and the indian casino… but for the most part the trip was simply an eye opener.. where i realized how much i enjoy living in the heart of kits… away from big box corporate america, and where the spirit of the city shines just like the sun (or flows like the rain).

birthday! part II

so.. my birthday.. ended off right too… i had some drinks with my roomie… and we got some free drinks from ‘my new bartender’ here in the neighbourhood… these were actually the first free drinks i got in vancity, so it’s a big event for me… and this was great… i also got an unexpected call from a ‘new friend’… which defiantly made me happy and made me smile and simply put my day of surprises over the top… thanks.. and yeah.. you’re right… the music was too loud… and i too look forward to seeing you soon…

well cheers all… and andrew.. for leaving the first e-blog-comment-happy-birthday-wish (on the previous post)… i am off to bed now.. since it is a work nite… thanks for the smiles and the best birthday in a while!! 🙂


so many of you may be wondering what this odd image is, but it is a shot of the birthday balloons (and flowers – not shown), that my mom sent me to work. … more to come about my birthday after lunch … lunch time… (time passes.. it’s now 7:56) ok… i am now home… and today was a good day.. a lot of things happened, and i was busy busy all day… and i liked it… high pace is good (well i dunno about everyday)… and now.. i am clam and relaxed… i am thinking i will go out later and grab a few beverages for my birthday, but right now.. i am content laying here.. drinking water and just chillin…. well i am also msn’n it up.. and i have been abusing this unlimited long distance i have kickin… bless the internet!! so… thanks everyone for your contribution to my birthday (and to canada post’s revenue)… whether it be a phone call, e-card, real card, underwear, flowers/balloons, coupon for granola bars, msn message, or in-person verbal happy birthday.. thanks.. you all made my day!! cheers!

banged up music collection

so for the past day or so, i have been struggling to find some music that i could just put on and have it not annoy me… no matter what i choose it seems to bug me somehow, well almost except for the newest ‘six organs of admittance’ album, which just seems to be the only album that ‘can’ fall nicely into the background. but overall.. the normal ‘put shuffle on’ when all else fails has not been working. guess i need to find some new tunes… the hunt is on, or maybe i should just watch some family guy?


i had to blog this just kuz it was so damn colourful. i love flickr!! it’s such a good way to waste a saturday day. maybe i should get up.. and go make some dinner now. but what i am going to make… well i need to make something with a lot of colour now that i have seen this image.

life as a random

haha… so last night i finally had some fun… i hung out with some people that were fucken awesome and hilarious and who brought out the best in me. sure i was just merely a random at their party, but it was great. thanks sarah!

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