discrepancies of self

conflict between a psyche of glamorous and enchanting thought; unyielding and engrossing emotion; and a physical existence filled with prosaic habitual behaviour and capacity.

Wing Dreamer


2005.03.25 10:38 am

*nods in appreciation with pride*

2005.03.30 6:46 pm


Everytime I read this piece I go into a deep train of thought. Awesome!!!

2005.04.15 7:25 pm


I love it…today it made more sense to me in a very personal way…hugs & kisses.

2005.06.11 6:49 pm

When I read your piece today, it stirred me as I knew it would. There was one difference though today at my absorption of your words, it feels as though a mergin occurred within me.

2005.11.02 12:14 pm

Am I the only one that thinks this piece you wrote is intellectually, emotionally and spiritually riveting.

2006.07.12 8:36 am

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