bobbing of my head

so i finally got my hands on the new prefuse 73 album, surrounded by silence, and it’s pretty damn good. i am not going to do some extensive, in-depth review like pitchfork does, kuz if i did, i think it would take the joy out of simply enjoying this album. it just makes me want to bob my head around like my neck is made of rubber and stimulates my imagination. on that note, i also went to see the stars, feist, apostle of hustle and montag this past thursday.. which was a good, chill show, and i am pretty sure my head was bobbing then too.

these past two weeks went by pretty quick, which i am guessing is due to the extra long easter weekend i had. allison came over for a visit, in which we toured around most of the GVRD with no real plan or mission. it’s just too bad that i was unable to find bunny ears, like the girl at cobs bread or the crazy clown at stanley park were wearing.

it looks like next weekend ryan is going to come for a visit, which will be good, kuz we haven’t hung out since like october and i want to show him my place and goodness of vancouver. also my mom is gaining greater ability in coming, which will be kool, so she can chill on the beach, climb a (/her) mountain, and start to enjoy the new millennium.

what’s else is new? hmm… well i need to do my taxes, which is going to be extra complicated this year, but i am looking forward to the challenge. i still need to find a dentist and doctor here, and something is telling me to get my bc drivers licence… so i think i am going to do that too, even though i don’t have a car (on this side of the country) and haven’t really driven since november 2004 (excluding the 5 or 6 times, dre made me drive). but for now, i think i am just going to continue to sit here drinking my coffee and bobbing my head.


I’ll drive your car up for u!

2005.04.04 10:30 am

hmm.. that’s an interesting offer… i wonder if my 1990 Audi 100 will make it?

2005.04.04 10:34 am


Of course it will, the Germans are smart.

On a similar note, i’m selling my car for a bug.

2005.04.08 8:07 am

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