dirty old man

halloween weekend is now pretty much over now, and it was damn good. the party friday night, that tyler, enej, mitch and i went to was fucken awesome… i hadn’t been to a party like that in a while… it was in a house decorated all spooky and absolutely packed with people… everyone was dressed up, and to top it all off… it had an open bar! yes people, an open bar!!! which of course, resulted in the over-consumption of alcohol by everyone there.. anyways we’re all familiar with that… so yeah… i was just dressed up as an old man (thanks to the help of a cane, a straw hat, and a stiff walk).. however, as the night progressed an ‘old man from florida’ quickly turned into a ‘dirty old man from florida’… but hey, being in character is what brings out the best in a costume!

also, friday night i got a call from an online buddy, who i have digitally known for quite some time (think back to 6 digit icq numbers kids), but this call was actually the first time i ever talked to her. it was pretty not-awkward, so that was kool… good talking to ya crissy (and yes, this counts as ‘your blog post’)…

ohh, and i visited my tv again today… and well, it just not worth that much cash debt…

canned entertainment

i watched the first four episodes of ‘how i met your mother’ today and this show seemed to totally make me laugh out loud.. it has gotta be the best new sitcom this year.. i find the jokes clever and they always seem to catch me off guard.. unlike the predictable shit found in ‘my name is earl’ and ‘everybody hates chris’ which seem ohh so familiar… this show actually made me laugh…. however, i did notice the laugh track, and it kinda frightened me when i did and when i caught myself laughing along with it.. and then i got thinking.. maybe it’s so funny because of the laugh track.. maybe it is the laugh track that is inviting me to laugh and encouraging me to simply let go and enjoy the comic relief the show can provide..?.. both ‘my name is earl’ and ‘everybody hates chris’ exclude a laugh track.. but have jason lee and chris rock (respectively) narrating and coaching us through the plot and explaining why things are should be funny… either way.. we the viewers, audience, product, or whatever.. are being spoon-fed entertainment… and well, is that so bad?!… isn’t that what television is about… turning our brains off, somehow ‘connecting’ to stories/characters and getting lost in a vast wasteland…

idea, rant and no rave

so i was walking around the other day.. and thought to myself.. hey.. wouldn’t it be kool if there was like a bonjour/rendezvous/zeroconf sms protocol for cell phones that are in a very close proximity.. basically, it would just list all the phones that are near you… and you could send these people an sms.. i figure it would be better that trying to talk to these people since everyone is already walking around using their phone anyways…

and have you ever noticed how it has become socially acceptable to answer your phone mid-face-to-face conversation.. but it’s still rude to interrupt someone when they’re on the phone.. something is wrong with that.. face-to-face should always get priority every time (and mom, finally, here is an example of a redundant sentence… saying always and every time is redundant)

high definition analogy

so while talking to my buddy gerald today via IM, he noticed an important discovery… he was able to draw a conclusion that helps makes sense of explaining my need for having a high-quality television (…such as the 40″ Sony Bravia™ KDLV40XBR1) and well, that deduction is nothing less than a desire to use it to pickup chicks…. sounds kinda crazy at first.. but when you compare it to guys wanting a fancy car.. it starts to make sense… we all know that cars and other expensive goods do not directly connect you to women.. but they do work on another level… the confidence level… the pride level.. the level that makes us men not be wusses, to take risks to get what we want, etc. i dunno personally, i think i just want to watch tv and have a clear picture, but if it is going to help me pick up… then all the more reason to splurge… comments?

cross country voyage

well the last couple of weeks i was back home.. home being southwestern ontario.. and it was a good trip… everything just seemed to fall into place and it was like i didn’t live in vancouver for the past year…. the two weeks was fill with adventures ranging from intoxicated good times to intoxicated good times plus something else…. it was great to see all the changes in london and in everyone and i was pleased that everyone was willing to put in that little bit of effort in order to spend some time with me… now, it’s kinda cheezey but i’d like to thank everyone with a brief message found in the following unordered list:

  • dan for making it all good, always being there and for playing golf while ill;
  • jordan for visiting, stopping by and for throwing up the steamwhistle in the sink;
  • jeff for arranging the cottage, dinner at his grandparents, and driving me all around during rush-hours;
  • mark for picking me up from the airport and letting me use his powermac;
  • allison for the love, the drinks, and all the good times;
  • kelly for the tour and the ride back to delaware;
  • ryan for the organic chips and letting me watch the hockey game at his house;
  • erin for having a muffin with me;
  • rachel for having lunch with me and offering your place as a place to stay;
  • mom for paying for the trip;
  • grandma for cooking thanksgiving dinner;
  • grandpa for the encouragement to get rich;
  • sandie for coming out for the dinners;
  • dad for preping my car and paying for the repairs;
  • janet for being abnormally civil;
  • mark l for the coffees and the cell phone;
  • jenn for driving me to the airport;
  • lindsey for driving me to my moms and offering her car;
  • mike g for wearing undersized clothing;
  • mike s for coming out to party;
  • and, ummm, i hope i am not forgetting any one.. (if so please comment and tell me to fuck off and die)

anyways, i don’t know what else to say except that this trip was exactly what i needed… and it has put me back in my grove and has shown me what life could be like and what it basically should be like. now, all i need to do, is continue to build upon what i have here in vancouver, and somehow figure out how to gain the awesome friends and family i have back home.

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