dirty old man

halloween weekend is now pretty much over now, and it was damn good. the party friday night, that tyler, enej, mitch and i went to was fucken awesome… i hadn’t been to a party like that in a while… it was in a house decorated all spooky and absolutely packed with people… everyone was dressed up, and to top it all off… it had an open bar! yes people, an open bar!!! which of course, resulted in the over-consumption of alcohol by everyone there.. anyways we’re all familiar with that… so yeah… i was just dressed up as an old man (thanks to the help of a cane, a straw hat, and a stiff walk).. however, as the night progressed an ‘old man from florida’ quickly turned into a ‘dirty old man from florida’… but hey, being in character is what brings out the best in a costume!

also, friday night i got a call from an online buddy, who i have digitally known for quite some time (think back to 6 digit icq numbers kids), but this call was actually the first time i ever talked to her. it was pretty not-awkward, so that was kool… good talking to ya crissy (and yes, this counts as ‘your blog post’)…

ohh, and i visited my tv again today… and well, it just not worth that much cash debt…

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