car sharing

so yesterday i joined vancouver’s co-operative auto network (CAN)… which means i am now a part owner of over 120 cars in the GVRD and i share these vehicles with about 2100 other members… so for $15/month, $2/hour, and 28ยข/km… i can book a car online (or call), jump in, and hit the open road… these fees fully include the cost of gas, insurance, city-wide permit parking, repairs, cleaning, bcaa membership, etc… it’s the perfect solution, for those random times when i need to hit-up a big-box store, pick-up my hot date, or to simply soothe the burning craving, i so often get, to drive a motorized vehicle… now, the co-op is not ideal for long road trips or for driving to and from work, or anything like that.. but that’s what rentals and the bus are for… ohh, and the best part.. the closest car to me.. is right downstairs in my building’s parking lot… now only if they would hurry up and activate my account, so i could drive baby, drive!

british accent, online banter & prayers

so tonight i finally went out with my neighbours… and as a result i have learned a very valuable life-lesson.. ‘get to know your neighbours as soon as you move somewhere new’… knock on their door.. do whatever.. just determine if they are kool or not asap… kuz umm… helen and john are pretty kool neighbours.. and well, they are moving back to england on tuesday.. so ummm…. yeah.. i have missed out on a lot of possible good times… and ummm… lets just say i have hopefully learned my lesson…

also tonight… i talked (IM-style) to crissy for, i guess it was, hours… even though it seems like it was just minutes… our conversation at times was aided by the use of handy props like santa hats, reindeer antlers and sunglasses… but yeah, as usual we managed to entertain ourselves… since all these crazy antics we partake in always keep our relationship interesting, entertaining, and quite eventful, even though it remains wholly online…

anyways, i hope my new neighbours are kool.. even tough i have a sneaking suspicion that they won’t be.. and that they will complain about the music i have playing every waking minute… or something… but then again.. maybe they will be awesome.. and have a better music selection than me.. and also have a better bar.. which they will often invite me over to help consume!

fill in the blank

apparently, the dishes were eager to seek revenge against me for the neglect i have inflicted upon them… or maybe the dishes now enjoy being dirty and want to remain in the sink.. either way.. upon the commencement of ‘the dish washing’… one brave glass was willing to take his, or maybe her, own life to cut open my hand… not a bad cut really.. but one that has forced me to halt the dish washing… moral of the story: _______________.

assorted circumstances

so it wasn’t that long ago when i elected to spontaneously jumped on a plane and fly to the opposite side of this fine country of ours… in fact, the last time it occurred was just two weeks ago (about 3 hours after my last post), and this somewhat short visit back to the homeland, was one just sufficient enough to make that weekend seem right…

now, this trip wasn’t a typical trip home for me, it was more like me taking a short road-trip to see a friend that had recently moved a few hours away and me crashing at his place for a few days.. and by that i mean, it was familiar to me but could not facilitate my old routine, or allow me to reoccupy my old bedroom, my old car, or anything else that i would normally do if i still lived there… so in basically.. it was like a real mini-vacation – where i was able to simply visit my family and a couple friends… now, i don’t think i am making this distinction with my ‘feeling’ overly clear…. but that’s the best i can do, in this *cough cough* sick state i am in… but i hope some of you may be able to relate. ohh, and i need to thank my mom, for funding this last-minute trip and for continuing to encourage the development of my irrational decision-making skills. thanks mom!

so that is what happened two weekends ago.. and last weekend was northern voice… which is canada’s blogging conference.. and this is the second year i have volunteered… it was pretty good, as relatively small local conferences go… but i found it somewhat difficult to get there first thing in the morning.. especially since my body now operates on a 7-day cycle.. and that means.. fridays and saturdays waking before 8am can be extremely painful… and well, i didn’t really mingle as much as i normal like to do at conferences, but i think that may have to do with me knowing too many people there and me not being kool enough to be proud of my little, non-revenue generating, non-educational, personal weblog…

now that the update is complete…. the question remains.. what to do this weekend? should i do my dishes (which i really really do need to do now)? should i go shopping? should i work on expanding my ever growing music library? should i make a detailed plan beforehand outlining every waking moment? or should i just roll with the punches?? and hope they beat me into a state that will excite and keep me coming back for more… i think i’ll go with the punches.. cheers!

an unclean dish

so, if you are wondering what happened to me doing that ever-exciting play-by-play of me doing my dishes… well.. lets just say, that event has suffered from an ‘unanticipated setback’… it seems that my self-induced ‘kept-it-tidy’ training program has failed… and i have fallen back in to my old ways… back to a time.. when i truly hated washing dishes…

now keep in mind, for the last year or so, i have more or less successfully kept on top of doing them.. usually cleaning them before i require the use of something that is already dirty. but lately, i just can’t gather enough energy and motivation to stand there, uncomfortably hunched over, while i struggle to wash the remains of food off my cheap ikea-brand tableware.

maybe if the sink was three inches higher or if i had a window or a motivational striper or something, it would be less of an unpleasant chore, but i doubt it. i just don’t think there is anything in this whole world that could make dish washing an enjoyable activity for me, especially if the joy of a clean kitchen isn’t enough to cut it.

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