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so it wasn’t that long ago when i elected to spontaneously jumped on a plane and fly to the opposite side of this fine country of ours… in fact, the last time it occurred was just two weeks ago (about 3 hours after my last post), and this somewhat short visit back to the homeland, was one just sufficient enough to make that weekend seem right…

now, this trip wasn’t a typical trip home for me, it was more like me taking a short road-trip to see a friend that had recently moved a few hours away and me crashing at his place for a few days.. and by that i mean, it was familiar to me but could not facilitate my old routine, or allow me to reoccupy my old bedroom, my old car, or anything else that i would normally do if i still lived there… so in basically.. it was like a real mini-vacation – where i was able to simply visit my family and a couple friends… now, i don’t think i am making this distinction with my ‘feeling’ overly clear…. but that’s the best i can do, in this *cough cough* sick state i am in… but i hope some of you may be able to relate. ohh, and i need to thank my mom, for funding this last-minute trip and for continuing to encourage the development of my irrational decision-making skills. thanks mom!

so that is what happened two weekends ago.. and last weekend was northern voice… which is canada’s blogging conference.. and this is the second year i have volunteered… it was pretty good, as relatively small local conferences go… but i found it somewhat difficult to get there first thing in the morning.. especially since my body now operates on a 7-day cycle.. and that means.. fridays and saturdays waking before 8am can be extremely painful… and well, i didn’t really mingle as much as i normal like to do at conferences, but i think that may have to do with me knowing too many people there and me not being kool enough to be proud of my little, non-revenue generating, non-educational, personal weblog…

now that the update is complete…. the question remains.. what to do this weekend? should i do my dishes (which i really really do need to do now)? should i go shopping? should i work on expanding my ever growing music library? should i make a detailed plan beforehand outlining every waking moment? or should i just roll with the punches?? and hope they beat me into a state that will excite and keep me coming back for more… i think i’ll go with the punches.. cheers!

Dan and I recently discovered that you can leave your dishes for 3 weeks until they begin to smell like vomit. I have to suggest that you go with the dishes first then roll with the punches. It’s no fun being punched in the face by stinky dishes.

2006.02.16 8:52 pm

I’m bummed to hear about the strain you experienced volunteering. But mostly I feel bad that I didn’t do more to introduce you to more people — I’m inept at that sort of stuff, especially when I am scrambling doing logistics.

You have an awesome blog, and as I’ve told you with perhaps my favorite design scheme ever. I hold off on plugging it more because of your personal content — I’m hesitant to point strangers to your stuff.

2006.02.17 8:43 am

Hey I dare you to fly home again. LOL

2006.02.18 10:42 am

hey joe! i’m sorry i missed northern voice. it would have been fun cause i only know a few people too, so we coulda done guerilla introductions and frightened and confused many. i felt like that at blogs and dogs too sorta… like my blog was too insignificant. it’s true though, strangers wouldn’t be into our sort of blogs as much probably. although some are. meh. we coulda stole the show. maybe next year.

2006.02.19 9:40 am

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