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apparently, the dishes were eager to seek revenge against me for the neglect i have inflicted upon them… or maybe the dishes now enjoy being dirty and want to remain in the sink.. either way.. upon the commencement of ‘the dish washing’… one brave glass was willing to take his, or maybe her, own life to cut open my hand… not a bad cut really.. but one that has forced me to halt the dish washing… moral of the story: _______________.


buy disposable cups!

2006.02.19 7:33 pm


should have paid me more 🙂

2006.02.19 9:26 pm

here’s to bloody blogging.

2006.02.20 7:32 am

OUCH!! I feel your pain.
The esoteric interpretation of a gash in the right hand-You are undervaluing yourself. The right hand is electric and is associated with activity a symbol of “action”, control, activity and power. We use our hands to perform tasks like washing dishes. Damage to the hands may show that you are feeling “stiffled” in some way – either by not being able to do what you want to do or express yourself in the way you would like to.
Leaving your wound open to air is usually recommended, however a piece of gauze with some anti-biotic ointment will protect the injury.
As far as a moral to the story – the glasses were faulty –sue the bastards!!

2006.02.20 8:26 pm

hey joe… you aren’t using that Colgate on your cut, are you?

moral of the story: maybe glasses shouldn’t be gendered.

2006.02.21 5:17 pm


giving a gender to non-living things (& also to animals)is a very European thing to do- so that part of u must have rubbed off from your parents.
as to the cut, maybe the moral was…why didnt u wash them earlier? karma? …….well, perhaps not.

2006.02.22 12:37 am

“one brave glass was willing to take his, or maybe her, own life to cut open my hand”-

The 7th Hermetic Principle of Gender states “Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principle; Gender manifests on all planes.”

2006.02.22 9:13 am


buy some gloves too

2006.02.22 4:06 pm

geezus! that smarts. teach ya to cross the dishes.

2006.02.22 9:15 pm


but i wonder why in the English language we don’t assign gender to things? while we do in our mother-tongue language…

2006.02.22 10:28 pm


moral of the story: use tupperware! i told ya already, it works great…and it wont cut ya!

2006.02.23 11:25 am


well, the funny thing is, in Chinese or Cantonese, i should say, everything becomes a “it”

2006.02.23 3:47 pm


do yer dishes more often and wear hockey gloves while washing!

2006.03.06 5:11 pm

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