marvelous occurrence (yn)

currently, i find myself struggling to write anything of significance and this is troubling me dearly. this is quite unfortunate, since i do have plenty of idle time, that i can waste to write and post to this blog. i guess i am just in desperate need of a marvelous and inspirational occurrence that will give me something exhilarating to transcribe and share – writing about my trips to the beach are starting to aggravate me, since they are just a record of a now routine event where nothing thrilling ever materializes.

dvd commentary

so yesterday i watched way too much ‘family guy’, especially episodes with the commentary turned on. i know this, because last night, my dreams had a voice track over top of whatever was going on. now, i don’t actually remember what i dreamt, so i can’t really write too much more… but i do distinctly recall the voice over… now onward.. this morning, when i woke up, i decided to toss on the hoodie and head out to cash in my free beverage at safeway… and on the way back the pad.. i ran into dave (one of the students who was working for one of the partnering offices of last week’s event)… it was kinda neat, actually running into somebody! he had a full car and obviously plans, so i just continued my voyage back home. i then chilled out for a while, finished my drink, and then headed back out and went to the book warehouse, where i picked up a book (reefer madness, schlosser, 2003). next, it was just me, my book and a bottle of water, that headed down to the beach.. it was unusually cold for May, but it was still pretty comfortable…. after a couple of hours of reading and people/water/mountain watching… the hunger started to engulf my mind, so i returned home and made some eats. then i read some more… took a shower… and watched some family guy. – please accept my apologies for this mundane post, but it’s all i can share without actually engaging in some multi-directional dialogue.

cards are dealt

the feeling inside is so motivational that it is shocking; actually feeling like you are willing to do anything, just to get a chance. you still need to keep your kool though, and not try too hard, but while you hope all night long that tomorrow another opportunity will arise, you realize that, if it does, you will have the power to gain something, that you can be that much closer, and this is truly amazing. bare in mind you need to play the cards you are dealt, so act accordingly to achieve maximum results.

kids, say no to baseball analogies

damn there goes me neglecting my blog again and thus leaving you, my vast and loyal readership, hanging in a void with nothing more than profuse curiosity to help pass your time. stay tuned. (i need to end it there folks, kuz i caught myself drawing up a lame baseball analogy, explaining how i’m back)

sunday shopping (in detail)

well that was probably the best visit to the beach yet. after i finished watching ‘the rules of attraction‘ (for probably the forth time), i was suddenly without anything to do, so i decided to grab the ipod and a red cup and head to kits beach… i found a log to sit on and just watched the sun set behind the clouds as the water waved up on the shore. it was really relaxing, peaceful and a perfect setting for some reflection.

today was overall a productive day. once i awoke, i immediately wanted to go out on the town. i figured i would do some sunday shopping, and grab a few things that i have meaning to get for the last while. so the first stop was the starbucks at 4th and vine… “tall americano please…” then i went out and waited for the bus, which seemed to take for ever to come. and then when it did, it was the wrong bus… as in a bus that isn’t suppose to go down forth, but ohh well, i got on anyways… it was pretty full, except for at the back where there was this fuck head sprawled out, talking on his cell phone, acting like he owned the world. he was talking about some new car that he bought for 80k, and how these new wheels are going to get him laid. it was pretty funny when i caught myself feeling like punching this guy in the fucken head. lol.. ok sorry… anyways, then at the next stop, a bunch of people boarded, and made this guy move over… and this one girl sat beside me… she had already been shopping since she had some bags with her… then all of a sudden, she pulled out some chocolate lip balm from one of the bags, and put it on… i of course had to comment on this, since the smell of the chocolate was very overwhelming… then… we were stuck in traffic… i guess there was a marathon going on today, which was why the bus was going down the wrong road… it took about 45 minutes to get to downtown, which normally takes like 10 minutes… once downtown, i headed into the mall… started at sears, but it didn’t have a good vibe so i left, and ended up at rw and co… where i was looking at bunch of stuff… i ended up buying a necklace, kind of like the one i had before, but nicer… and a shirt… i then walked in and out of various stores through the mall.. blaw blaw blaw… bought some sunglasses, a card, socks… etc… then i left.. got on the bus.. and headed back to kits… i then went and got my hair cut.. and went to safeway to buy something to make for dinner… then i came home… made a sandwich… took a shower… did some laundry and started to watch ‘the rules of attraction’.

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