marvelous occurrence (yn)

currently, i find myself struggling to write anything of significance and this is troubling me dearly. this is quite unfortunate, since i do have plenty of idle time, that i can waste to write and post to this blog. i guess i am just in desperate need of a marvelous and inspirational occurrence that will give me something exhilarating to transcribe and share – writing about my trips to the beach are starting to aggravate me, since they are just a record of a now routine event where nothing thrilling ever materializes.


Can you try and make something happen when you go to beach? are there regular people that go there that u could chat to? by the way, do u ever swim when go there?

2005.05.26 7:26 pm

> do u ever swim when go there?


Joe, let’s go swimming!

not at kits beach though, that’s gross. let’s go to english bay.

2005.05.28 10:32 am

p.s. kat: the water’s still freeeezing cold right now, but it’d still be hilarious to swim in it.

2005.05.28 10:33 am


When Sandie and I get there………….the beach will take on a whole new meaning, haha. When you see me in a bathing suit…that will be etched in your mind about the beach. EEK my mom is showing sking HAHAHA.

2005.05.28 8:03 pm


SKIN………………….not sking -although that word could mean skin + kaching, haha.

2005.05.28 8:06 pm


what about wetsuits ?- if it’s too cold. i don’t know- i am just stirring things.
here in sydney, during winter time, u will find only the mad english swimming ! we call them the ‘leather men’ (the older guys)- they r at the beach all the time winter & summer! every day!
too cold for the rest of us

2005.05.29 4:46 pm

well, i suppose i could doing something more than simply placing myself in public setting, but i figure this is at least a good first step. as for regulars, i am sure there is, but i have not noticed any. i think i need to goto another, less convenient beach, possibly english bay, to get out of the whole kitsilano (my neighbourhood) experience (which consists of an inability for two strangers to interact). i have not been swimming yet, since as mitch pointed out, the water is still very cold; however, by the time my sister and mom come it should be nice and warm. and for the last 5 days in a row that i have visited the beach, it has been filled with people in their wetsuits, working on their tan, like me 🙂

2005.05.29 5:04 pm


You shoulda come out with me when I was in Van!!! I’m so mad that i couldn’t get a hold of you. That would have been inspiring. Remember how much fun you had last time?

2005.05.30 3:51 pm


well 24 more days til I get to experience the beach. I’m still looking forward to Granville island again. it will be a nice 2 weeks…and tofino should be a blast too.

2005.05.31 9:05 am

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