auction anxiety

there must be a way to obtain rental housing without that dreadful ‘auction’ feeling, which is that feeling of pressure, where you need to make a snap decision now, or you’ll miss your chance to have what you are being presented. it’s that feeling that doesn’t allow for much comparison, research, or all those important things that are done by good consumers. now.. none of this would actually matter if we were talking about peanuts here, but housing will take up >1/3 of my income.. and to-boot it comes with a nice one year commitment… well, i guess the easy way, is to get ripped off and simply bite the bullet, but there is just something inside me, that hates doing that.


…1/3rd of your income will pay for 2/3rds of your current needs.
…if you paid 1/2 of your income you would still get 2/3rds of your current needs met – if you really stop and think about it..
…if you paid 2/3rds of your income you would get 1/3rd of your current needs met because the other 1/3rd would not be feasible as a current need.

2005.06.08 12:17 pm

i don’t understand about 5/7 of your comment.

2005.06.08 2:11 pm

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