well i did it, today i signed a lease for one year. i made a commitment for once in my life. *pat, pat* now i didn’t really choose to make the commitment, since it was ‘required’ to end my quickly approaching homelessness, however it was a big step for me. so my new place is in the west end, basically as east as you can get in the west end, but a perfect location no doubt. 1.5 blocks to… a grocery store, a bus stop that has a bus that goes directly to work, to shopping, etc. my suite is half renovated, meaning it has a new kitchen sink and counter top, but with old cupboards.. now none of that will mater once i fill it up with my shit.. and make it my home. i could of went for a wholly renovated suite on the 14th floor facing the mountains, but it was quite small. so i went with the 8th floor, the extra 100 sq. ft. and a view of downtown instead. i will probably flickr some pix when i move in. but for now, you all can rest assured that i have a home for canada day!

How far is your new place from where you are now?

2005.06.14 4:01 am

it’s about 3.5 km or 10 minutes by bus.

2005.06.14 8:42 am


ok, so you have your own place now…congrats!! and now in turn I have a place to stay as well. I would have to say you have made bigger steps then this before in your life. Well first deciding what you wanted to take in school was a huge commitment, cause thats pretty much a deciding factor what you will do with your life. Then moving off to BC, hardly knowing anyone cept your roomie…big big step. But hey, This is the first time that you will ever live alone…all by yourself…your lonely lonely self. hahaha just kidding there brother!!! You will do fine, after all you are the family example of some what being normal is.

2005.06.14 3:46 pm


My hand is getting sore (hahaha) from patting you on the back so much, congrats!!!!!!

2005.06.15 5:34 pm


fuckin eh! buddy! i can’t wait to see the new place… the view… and the tall blonde neighbour… hehe… happy canada day!

2005.06.16 7:57 pm

well, if i am the normal one of the family, and i continue to get all these ‘pats’, then there better damn well be that tall blonde next door, kuz that seems to be the only thing missing 🙂

2005.06.16 8:05 pm

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