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so i am heading to edmonton tomorrow morning, and i am looking forward to the trip. i have never been to edmonton or even alberta and i see this as the beginning of my canadian tour. why edmonton you might ask? well, that’s simple; it’s a business trip. i am attending a 3 day conference monday, tuesday, wednesday, and i figured i’d fly in a tad early and spend the entire weekend in a strange and unfamiliar canadian city. now, this weekend will provide me with some new places to visit and a huge mall to shop at, while the days of the conference will give me a chance to mingle and develop professional relationships with my colleagues from all over this vast nation of ours. now, the last time i went to a conference of this magnitude, i was still a very naif pupil; unsure of my position in the overall scheme of things and thus somewhat dependent on my boss’ confidence and interpersonal skills. also, since my role at that time did not harness the connections made at the conference, many of them simply fizzled away. this time around, i am actually in a position to utilize these interrelationships, and i look forward to building my network. it’s all on me baby, and it shouldn’t be a problem at all… well, assuming we have the normal after-hour gatherings at a local watering hole.


Don’t forget to bring your business cards
& dont forget to pick them up from ppl u meet

have fun

2005.06.16 11:10 pm

oh, that’s where you are today. boo.

have a good time!

2005.06.17 11:18 am

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