audible irritability

ok, i/someone needs to do some research here and see/show me the effects, other than hearing loss, of prolonged exposure to sirens, repetitive sounds, and other loud and unpleasant noises… i am referring to the emergency service vehicles that drive by, siren engaged, every 3 minutes.. the do-do-do that plays on the skytrain at each stop, the tick-tick-tick that the two dollar clock in my washroom makes, and of course the countless chimes included at the end of many television ads. then again.. maybe i just need to get out of my apartment and find me a buoyant, uncomplicated and explicit good time.

defective feet/shoes

ok, i am now officially convinced that i have a walking disorder of some sort.. kuz there is no way that the last 4 (possibly 5) pairs of shoes i have owned are all intrinsically defective – it must be me!! let me explain… today, since it was snowing here in vancouver, i quickly realized the soles of my shoes have yet again cracked right through… it’s not like my socks are visible from the bottom or anything yet.. but the cracks are indeed large enough to allow enough slush in to make both my feet uncomfortably cold and wet… i don’t know what i can do?!!? sure, i can buy new shoes again, possibly even more expensive ones, that are specifically designed to help people like me, but will it help? it seems that rationale didn’t really work for the pair before these, shit, those ones even came with a year warranty, which i actually went to the effort to utilize, only to have the replacement fail on me too… so what do i do, buy a new pair of cheap shoes, or go all-out? do other people experience this issue with their shoes too?!?! or do i, in fact, suffer from some kind of foot ailment!?!?

rant: salsa

ok people, what’s the deal with ‘mild’ and ‘medium’ salsa taking up all the valuable shelf space at my local grocery store… 4 or 5 different brands, 3 or 4 different sizes.. and yet… there’s only one size and one brand of ‘hot’ salsa.. this is ridiculous!! am i really the minority here with my preference in enjoying the refreshing cool that only a hot salsa can provide?!?!

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