defective feet/shoes

ok, i am now officially convinced that i have a walking disorder of some sort.. kuz there is no way that the last 4 (possibly 5) pairs of shoes i have owned are all intrinsically defective – it must be me!! let me explain… today, since it was snowing here in vancouver, i quickly realized the soles of my shoes have yet again cracked right through… it’s not like my socks are visible from the bottom or anything yet.. but the cracks are indeed large enough to allow enough slush in to make both my feet uncomfortably cold and wet… i don’t know what i can do?!!? sure, i can buy new shoes again, possibly even more expensive ones, that are specifically designed to help people like me, but will it help? it seems that rationale didn’t really work for the pair before these, shit, those ones even came with a year warranty, which i actually went to the effort to utilize, only to have the replacement fail on me too… so what do i do, buy a new pair of cheap shoes, or go all-out? do other people experience this issue with their shoes too?!?! or do i, in fact, suffer from some kind of foot ailment!?!?

themed chaos

the new theme is now live again.. and it’s now more cross-browser friendly *hopefully*… everything is pretty much random… with the background image and individual post’s border, width and title-font changing upon each reload.. now, there are still some tweaks that are coming in the near future that will add just a few final touches…. but for now, all of you not using an RSS reader to read all this fine blog… please leave me some constructive feedback on design elements, flaws, and on any issues that you feel are due to your preferred browser… i aim to please, people!! (except of course if you fancy a static, boring weblog that doesn’t keep you guessing before and after each click!!)

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