defective feet/shoes

ok, i am now officially convinced that i have a walking disorder of some sort.. kuz there is no way that the last 4 (possibly 5) pairs of shoes i have owned are all intrinsically defective – it must be me!! let me explain… today, since it was snowing here in vancouver, i quickly realized the soles of my shoes have yet again cracked right through… it’s not like my socks are visible from the bottom or anything yet.. but the cracks are indeed large enough to allow enough slush in to make both my feet uncomfortably cold and wet… i don’t know what i can do?!!? sure, i can buy new shoes again, possibly even more expensive ones, that are specifically designed to help people like me, but will it help? it seems that rationale didn’t really work for the pair before these, shit, those ones even came with a year warranty, which i actually went to the effort to utilize, only to have the replacement fail on me too… so what do i do, buy a new pair of cheap shoes, or go all-out? do other people experience this issue with their shoes too?!?! or do i, in fact, suffer from some kind of foot ailment!?!?


-but would a foot ailment cause the soles of your shoes to crack ??
-how much do u spend on a pair of shoes? but then again some expensive shoes r pretty crap (girls suffer a lot with shoes.
-do u always buy the same brand ? if so change. i dunno, find out what someone else wears..

2005.11.30 12:00 am


oh forgot to add, that one way to tell if u have a foot problem is to see whether the soles of your shoes wear out unevenly.

2005.11.30 12:01 am

One good pair of shoes fitted by a professional (with a custom removable insole-which your medical plan should cover) is a must.
This does not mean you have a disorder -it means that you are preventing possible back problems as well, when you adjust the “balance” of the body into a suitable pair of footwear, also it eliminates the pressure on other organs as well.

80% of the people wear inappropriate footwear for whatever reason. I serve customers all the time telling me about their foot problems and wanting creams etc. It is not about the creams, it is that they continue to get callous upon callous because their shoe doesn’t fit right.

Would you put car tires on a truck? -NO (wink, wink)

2005.11.30 11:48 am


so I dont know exactly what you are talkin about, but my shoes always wear out at the back…until my heel is constantly rubbing across the rubber and i get crazy blisters…i hate it…and it happens no matter what kinda shoes i buy. so i feel your pain. as for a solution, i dunno? dont walk so much? how the hell do you split the bottom of your sole anyway?

2005.11.30 3:13 pm


FireFish is right, in-soles do align your feet, ankles, knees, and hips & the rest of your body. I went to a foot doctor and got a pair measured for my feet. Cost about $350 (Australian dollars). it helps with alignment. my feet r like my dads, too much negative camber – i should have been a skier.
but as to soles cracking ….hmm?

2005.12.04 5:26 pm

I just had a thought. Maybe, you should consider buying footwear that is not so thin soled in the first place. You need more cushioning as you also carry weight on your back via backpack.

2005.12.09 2:46 pm


My shoes that I wear at work always crack on the bottom before anything else wears out on them. are you buying running shoes or flat bottom dressier shoes?

2005.12.21 12:25 pm

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