wireless printing and killing trees

yey, i just bought my first monochrome laser printer and it’s absolutely great… now, it’s not an overpriced hp which would be ideal, since i have been brainwashed to think that way… it is only a samsung ML-2010 but it was a damn good deal… 100 bucks (after $70 instant & $30 fill-in online rebates) for 22 ppm, 10 second for first page out, 8MB fixed memory, 150 MHz processor, and 1200×600 dpi effective output.

i’ve always held off on buying a laser printer, since i wanted to wait until i could justify buying one that supported network printing right out of the box, but then it dawned on me… with the airport express i don’t need it. just plug in the usb.. and the printer magically becomes rendezvous/bonjour/zeroconf friendly and automatically appears on my network.

here’s to wireless printing and killing trees, cheers!

audio blogging

thanks to with the power of atom, and the FeedWordPress plug-in, i am able to use any phone in the world to post audio to my weblog.

here’s how it works.. i call +14158560205, type in my phone number and my pin, then record my message, which automatically gets posted to my blogger account. now, here i rely on the atom feed which i have imported into wordpress using FeedWordPress to publish my audio posts on… unfortunately, blogger will not let me XML-RPC ping when there is an update, so currently i need to manually check for updates… anyways, maybe that’s a good thing since it gives me some time to attach text to my audio posts. check it out!

this is an audio post - click to play

neighbour gym

good news, construction of the gym in my apartment building begun today (or maybe yesterday), and this is excellent. i wish it was already open though, since right now i really feel like a work out. sitting on my ass all day and night is killing me or maybe its the mcdonalds extra value meal i had yesterday (which happened to be wholly induced by all the product placement in ‘super size me’ that i watched the night before) or a combo #5 with bacon of both. either way i hope my new neighbour gym is not a dick and we can have some good times together.

the ambient chaos

The slightest breeze subtly shifted the warm summer air as they laid initially facing each other on a large flat and crisp segment of lawn. Jill who was dressed in a long-denim skirt and a white tank top and Chris in kakis-coloured cargo shorts, with a trendy dark t-shirt on, both felt totally carefree and somewhat astonished with their success in gaining a semblance of privacy albeit being merely steps away from a public display of a large custom-made structure in a downtown park. To them, laying on the ground was not something to avoid, despite its obvious coarse, brown, and dried-up appearance, but rather it was a remarkably perfect venue to aid in experiencing the absolute last few moments of sunshine each day in recent memory had seemed to deliver to them.

That evening the skies were predominately blue, yet in the ever-approaching distance there was a scattered haze of darkness that essentially littered the sky with apparent disorder. Somewhat unfazed by this imminent chaos, Chris continued to look deeply into the blues of the sky which distinctly reminded him of all the possibilities life could bring. The combination of this deep gaze and his close proximity with his favourite person in the whole world, produced a complete sense of joy within him – sustaining confidence in his identity, goals, and his ongoing ability to succeed as young and healthy Canadian.

Jill on the other hand, laid there feeling somewhat awkward with the sensations she was encountering as a result of this early evening event. As she laid there holding Chris’ hand in love, and as he enjoyed the possibilities of the blue skies, she found herself struggling to withstand a persuasive allurement that the darkness of the approaching haze seemed to furiously produce inside of her. Jill did not understand how such a fascination with a mysterious overcast could suddenly and so strongly exist, yet she quickly accepted that fact as she became energized with the possibility of conflict this haze could bring.


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stop the press!!! cheques are kool!!

hey wait, maybe cheques are kool.. look there’s my cell phone used in the brochure that came with my cheques…. and well we all know the SCH-3500 is the best designed and engineered phone around!!

check out these cheques

so over the past few days.. a few exciting things have happened… such as me receiving a bunk warning from my landlord, and me strongly refuting it. in retrospect, my letter clearly negating her ability to effectly manage this property may have been a tad too vigorous, but i don’t feel bad, kuz if someone is going to try to unjustly strong-arm me, of course i will fire back with some elegant written rage. [if interested… follow the whole story here]

also, umm, umm.. i guess nothing else exciting has really happened, except that today i received some cheques for the first time ever!! i’ve managed my whole life to not buy any cheques and now in 2005, i have been forced to buy some… since my home branch is well 5000KM away and i can’t easily walk in and ask for one.. ohh well.. i guess i could have changed my home branch here, but it was just easier to order some cheques. any who.. keep it real homies.

new music saturday / tiger friday

well i turned the first half of today into another ‘new music saturday’ and well there is nothing really wrong with that, since i do need a constant flow of new musical talent flowing into my ears. however, it’s now 3 o’clock and i have not been outside yet (excluding my balcony) and i should be, kuz i need to get out and enjoy these blue skies while i can.

last night, i didn’t do much (besides enjoy my Tiger install party!! – thanks Salpy!). basically, i just felt like doing my own thing despite the couple of offers i had to go out and have some fun. meanwhile, i received a pair of voice mails from a good friend back home, which made me totally laugh out loud and wish that i would have been out there drinking with him. miss ya too and thanks Dan!

drink your beer and continue to hack into the pentagon

so without the internet i found myself filling my idle time shopping. this seemed to be the only easy thing i could do without needing to go online for some reason. i tried to read magazines, tried to figure out my next educational goals, shit, basically everything that i could do in my apartment to occupy my idle time, i needed the world wide web to fill in some missing piece of information.

anyways, being out and aboot in vancouver, as always, was entertaining… i, saw a huge bald dude wearing a sleeping bag as cape. concenquently, this resulted in me looking like the freak who couldn’t stop laughing to himself (i guess the girl next to me was not amused with the sense of joy i derived from a man wearing a large red-plaid covering with an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio… what a twat!).

i also conversed with some ‘random’, whose wife had a thirty thousand dollar dress she acquired through some hookup of hers and who apparently had a burning urge inside to tell 24 year old men buying pasta sauce this.

many other ‘fun’ occurrences also happened yesterday, but nothing out of the ordinary.. so i guess.. all-in-all the day wasn’t bad or good, which leads me to believe that yesterday is not going to be a day that i will remember any time in the future. so the moral of the story must be…

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