wireless printing and killing trees

yey, i just bought my first monochrome laser printer and it’s absolutely great… now, it’s not an overpriced hp which would be ideal, since i have been brainwashed to think that way… it is only a samsung ML-2010 but it was a damn good deal… 100 bucks (after $70 instant & $30 fill-in online rebates) for 22 ppm, 10 second for first page out, 8MB fixed memory, 150 MHz processor, and 1200×600 dpi effective output.

i’ve always held off on buying a laser printer, since i wanted to wait until i could justify buying one that supported network printing right out of the box, but then it dawned on me… with the airport express i don’t need it. just plug in the usb.. and the printer magically becomes rendezvous/bonjour/zeroconf friendly and automatically appears on my network.

here’s to wireless printing and killing trees, cheers!


Did you find out how much toner is gonna be?

I want one.

2005.08.28 2:44 pm

well.. staples said they will be stocking them in about 2 weeks.. and they will run about 100 bucks for 3000 pages at 5%…

2005.08.28 2:47 pm

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