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thanks to with the power of atom, and the FeedWordPress plug-in, i am able to use any phone in the world to post audio to my weblog.

here’s how it works.. i call +14158560205, type in my phone number and my pin, then record my message, which automatically gets posted to my blogger account. now, here i rely on the atom feed which i have imported into wordpress using FeedWordPress to publish my audio posts on… unfortunately, blogger will not let me XML-RPC ping when there is an update, so currently i need to manually check for updates… anyways, maybe that’s a good thing since it gives me some time to attach text to my audio posts. check it out!

this is an audio post - click to play

That’s badass.. I may just need to rip that off.

2005.08.21 9:04 pm


hey, your voice & your accent sound so cool !

2005.08.22 1:02 am

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