the ambient chaos

The slightest breeze subtly shifted the warm summer air as they laid initially facing each other on a large flat and crisp segment of lawn. Jill who was dressed in a long-denim skirt and a white tank top and Chris in kakis-coloured cargo shorts, with a trendy dark t-shirt on, both felt totally carefree and somewhat astonished with their success in gaining a semblance of privacy albeit being merely steps away from a public display of a large custom-made structure in a downtown park. To them, laying on the ground was not something to avoid, despite its obvious coarse, brown, and dried-up appearance, but rather it was a remarkably perfect venue to aid in experiencing the absolute last few moments of sunshine each day in recent memory had seemed to deliver to them.

That evening the skies were predominately blue, yet in the ever-approaching distance there was a scattered haze of darkness that essentially littered the sky with apparent disorder. Somewhat unfazed by this imminent chaos, Chris continued to look deeply into the blues of the sky which distinctly reminded him of all the possibilities life could bring. The combination of this deep gaze and his close proximity with his favourite person in the whole world, produced a complete sense of joy within him – sustaining confidence in his identity, goals, and his ongoing ability to succeed as young and healthy Canadian.

Jill on the other hand, laid there feeling somewhat awkward with the sensations she was encountering as a result of this early evening event. As she laid there holding Chris’ hand in love, and as he enjoyed the possibilities of the blue skies, she found herself struggling to withstand a persuasive allurement that the darkness of the approaching haze seemed to furiously produce inside of her. Jill did not understand how such a fascination with a mysterious overcast could suddenly and so strongly exist, yet she quickly accepted that fact as she became energized with the possibility of conflict this haze could bring.


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“You two! Don’t move!”

From their backs, they looked up to see a dark figure standing in front of the sunset. At first Chris thought he was pointing at them, until he heard Jill softly say, “Shit, shit.”

As the man slowly moved around them, they became painfully aware of how alone they were. A park normally littered with people had emptied of all but three individuals, and one gun.

“What do you want?” Chris asked trying to hide the trembles in his voice.

2005.08.20 7:48 pm

“What is the nature of your visit to the park today,” said the dark figure with a slight glow of the last rays of sunshine forthcoming around his silhouette. Chris put his protective arm around Jill and felt her racing heart bolting out of her white tank top.

Then all of a sudden a blinding light flashed into his eyes and in the corner of his blotty vision he could see the gun as the tear drops began sliding down his face.

2005.11.02 9:40 am

Chris could taste a touch of salt at the corner of his mouth as the last tear drop fell. What seemed to be in the distance, a feeble laughter was heard. And then a loud roar, bellowing throughout the park cascading onto the newly formed waves by the beach.

2005.11.03 12:12 pm

“I asked you what is the nature of your visit to the park today,” roared the masculine voice.
Jill replied in a whimper something about it being their favorite place. She proceeded to cover her gold diamond cluster ring that she inherited from her mother.

2005.11.06 10:34 pm

In the distance could be heard many sirens. It was hard to distinguish whether they were ambulances or police cars or both.

In a short time after that the heavy thumping of people running echoed throughout the park. The yelling bellowed louder and louder. “Halt, put your weapon down” ordered the voice. “Or we will shoot”.

The stranger twirled around grabbed the gun and shot into the area of the voices. Suddenly, another shot was heard and then the man fell towards Jill.

Jill screamed at the top of her lungs as the blood splattered all over her white tank top. She started to get naseous and vomitted from the fear of this stranger laying on her legs pinning her down.

2005.11.19 5:55 pm

It’s all right dear whispered the soft voice. Jill thought she recognized the woman’s whisper but that was impossible, her mother was dead.

Jill opened her heavy eyelids and could see a blurr of a face. Oh my gosh, it is mother she thought to herself. As she focused on clearer the image in front of her, the face became more obvious that is was not mom. The confusion left her as she looked around the room and realized she was in a hospital.

She didn’t feel any pain and wondered why she had both legs in casts. Feeling groggy again, she dozed off and thought she heard a someone humming her favorite lullabye from her childhood.

2006.03.09 2:05 pm

The humming got louder and louder. Jill managed to turn her head towards the doorway to her hospital room. She could hear the footsteps coming closer…and then she saw his face.
She felt herself melt against the pillow that was propping up her head. It was Chris. She felt reached her hand out to welcome him but he just stood there staring at her legs.
“Last time I take you to the beach”, he said as he chuckled softly.

2006.04.19 9:28 pm

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