drink your beer and continue to hack into the pentagon

so without the internet i found myself filling my idle time shopping. this seemed to be the only easy thing i could do without needing to go online for some reason. i tried to read magazines, tried to figure out my next educational goals, shit, basically everything that i could do in my apartment to occupy my idle time, i needed the world wide web to fill in some missing piece of information.

anyways, being out and aboot in vancouver, as always, was entertaining… i, saw a huge bald dude wearing a sleeping bag as cape. concenquently, this resulted in me looking like the freak who couldn’t stop laughing to himself (i guess the girl next to me was not amused with the sense of joy i derived from a man wearing a large red-plaid covering with an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio… what a twat!).

i also conversed with some ‘random’, whose wife had a thirty thousand dollar dress she acquired through some hookup of hers and who apparently had a burning urge inside to tell 24 year old men buying pasta sauce this.

many other ‘fun’ occurrences also happened yesterday, but nothing out of the ordinary.. so i guess.. all-in-all the day wasn’t bad or good, which leads me to believe that yesterday is not going to be a day that i will remember any time in the future. so the moral of the story must be…

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