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so over the past few days.. a few exciting things have happened… such as me receiving a bunk warning from my landlord, and me strongly refuting it. in retrospect, my letter clearly negating her ability to effectly manage this property may have been a tad too vigorous, but i don’t feel bad, kuz if someone is going to try to unjustly strong-arm me, of course i will fire back with some elegant written rage. [if interested… follow the whole story here]

also, umm, umm.. i guess nothing else exciting has really happened, except that today i received some cheques for the first time ever!! i’ve managed my whole life to not buy any cheques and now in 2005, i have been forced to buy some… since my home branch is well 5000KM away and i can’t easily walk in and ask for one.. ohh well.. i guess i could have changed my home branch here, but it was just easier to order some cheques. any who.. keep it real homies.


she still doesnt say that she removed the original letter from your file.
well done on standing up for yourself.

2005.08.11 1:57 am

yeah i know, but i think directly thanking her for the removal pushes any onus of clarification on to her

2005.08.11 8:23 am


Melissa thinks you sound like a law student and that they will not mess with you again, her exact words were “They won’t fuck with that boy again!” Your writting skills have always amazed me. Alley.

2005.08.11 5:45 pm


i didnt see the very last letter u sent her. yep i agree with u now having read it. u know i had to do this kinda of thing too (for someone close to u) – i even went to court to dispute it…lol…’cos the real estate agent was not going to give the bond back (here u must leave ~6 weeks bond)& if u damage anything they take it from that. but nothing was damaged, it was just the agents attempt to grab money. i find this sort of thing frustrating, annoying and i get passionate about it. (excuse any spelling errors- i cant be bothered tonite)

2005.08.12 2:27 am

this is the tennant from below your appartment. i told you to stop dumping your fucken mop buckets on my balcony. whats the matter with you. learn some respect.

2005.08.15 8:53 am

don’t worry kat… spelling doesn’t matter.. well.. apparently not to ‘angry neighbour’ anyway… and andrei, pretending to be ‘angry neighbour’ isn’t fair… give the real neighbour a chance to speak for himself. ohh how i love the power of the internet…

2005.08.15 10:47 am

i love it… i would have just told my neighbour to shove it or something to that effect… i hate landlords and there stupid “eviction notices”

damn them!

2005.09.16 9:36 am

true.. but i have no idea who filed the complaint.. and yeah.. i do believe it was misdirected.. kuz everyone knows i don’t have a mop! either way.. i showed my landlord who the real lord of the land is… 😛

2005.09.16 12:37 pm


This is not really a reply to your current posting; but searching the web, I found your entry about problems at hollyburn properties, last year. My son had a similar incident; which ended costing him the tenancy and losing damage deposit. I am concerned about ethical practices of the building manager at Haro Street. Are you aware of any other instances where tenats have lost deposits been evicted in questionable circumstances.

Please email me if you have any information.

2006.05.31 6:28 am

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