new music saturday / tiger friday

well i turned the first half of today into another ‘new music saturday’ and well there is nothing really wrong with that, since i do need a constant flow of new musical talent flowing into my ears. however, it’s now 3 o’clock and i have not been outside yet (excluding my balcony) and i should be, kuz i need to get out and enjoy these blue skies while i can.

last night, i didn’t do much (besides enjoy my Tiger install party!! – thanks Salpy!). basically, i just felt like doing my own thing despite the couple of offers i had to go out and have some fun. meanwhile, i received a pair of voice mails from a good friend back home, which made me totally laugh out loud and wish that i would have been out there drinking with him. miss ya too and thanks Dan!

laugh out loud at me! i still don’t have your new number and we haven’t talked since you were drunk on msn and truth-telling. and don’t lie; you get no offers to go out and have fun. just kidding! I’m going to try to make it out to Van before I go back east, but if not, we gotta keep in touch, joey. you’re just too funny. šŸ™‚

2005.08.08 12:13 am

damn alcohol and its ability to act as a truth serum…

and sarah, stop by, anytime, cutie pie!

2005.08.10 8:12 pm

i saw you that day on the balcony dumping out a mop bucket

2005.08.15 8:56 am

haha… ohh Andrei… you’re so silly… you and your cross-canada vision.

2005.08.15 10:41 am

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