rant: salsa

ok people, what’s the deal with ‘mild’ and ‘medium’ salsa taking up all the valuable shelf space at my local grocery store… 4 or 5 different brands, 3 or 4 different sizes.. and yet… there’s only one size and one brand of ‘hot’ salsa.. this is ridiculous!! am i really the minority here with my preference in enjoying the refreshing cool that only a hot salsa can provide?!?!

Finally, someone with the courage to say what needs to be said.

I don’t even understand why we need medium salsas — you either want spicy salsa or you don’t.

And so-called hot salsa all too commonly isn’t.

2005.11.16 11:16 am

ha! i noticed that myself i looked for spicy cheap-o brands at Superstore and Safeway but to my dismay they were all mild. i just assumed that most people preferred the blandness of tomatoes in a jar.

2005.11.16 5:22 pm


hahahaha…like i told joey, just put some tobasco sauce or some chili or some peppers or whatever u have to do and make it spicy yourself! lol…its not a big deal, just requires a bit of extra work! plus, it will probably taste better anyway…

2005.11.16 10:24 pm

But the point is the salsa should already be spicy – I shouldn’t have to buy 12 extra ingredients to make it tasty. It should already be tasty. I think it’s a plot by the Franks Red Hot company, they hijack the spicy salsa trucks so that only medium and mild salsa ends up on the shelves and then consumers are forced to buy their products. It’s all a salsa conspiracy.

2005.11.17 10:12 am


hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahaha…thats too funny! damn those people at franks!

2005.11.19 3:37 pm


mild/medium doesn’t have to be bland, u can have a mild/medium salsa that is spicy. Spicy doesn’t necessarily mean hot.

2005.11.20 8:36 pm

i just wish franks made a salsa…. and that it was hotter and more spicy than advertised.. and that my local grocery store stocked it…

2005.11.21 1:22 am


ok so its 2 months and 25 days later…but i felt bad for my “spice it up yourself” attitude, and I FOUND A SOLUTION! temporary, but a solution nonetheless!
Screw Franks, its all about Crissy’s Homemade Roasted Habanero Salsa…haha

2006.02.09 2:41 pm

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