audible irritability

ok, i/someone needs to do some research here and see/show me the effects, other than hearing loss, of prolonged exposure to sirens, repetitive sounds, and other loud and unpleasant noises… i am referring to the emergency service vehicles that drive by, siren engaged, every 3 minutes.. the do-do-do that plays on the skytrain at each stop, the tick-tick-tick that the two dollar clock in my washroom makes, and of course the countless chimes included at the end of many television ads. then again.. maybe i just need to get out of my apartment and find me a buoyant, uncomplicated and explicit good time.

a sense of direction

with this calendar year near end, i am finding it necessary to outline some new goals targets of varying magnitude… and what’s easier and more fun than accomplishing this with some, unsorted and point-form, new years resolutions… and yes, be warned, many all of these can be tagged: cliché

– become more physically active
– consume less alcohol
– develop better eating habits
– improve posture
– expand knowledge-based skill-set
– increase positive cash-flow
– optimize work/life balance
– broaden social network
– advance professionally
– strengthen soul

now, one caveat… since all of these targets are pretty much qualitative aspirations which cannot be accurately measured… this list must be viewed as a mission statement for 2006, rather than a list of promised predetermined actions.

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