well i did it, today i signed a lease for one year. i made a commitment for once in my life. *pat, pat* now i didn’t really choose to make the commitment, since it was ‘required’ to end my quickly approaching homelessness, however it was a big step for me. so my new place is in the west end, basically as east as you can get in the west end, but a perfect location no doubt. 1.5 blocks to… a grocery store, a bus stop that has a bus that goes directly to work, to shopping, etc. my suite is half renovated, meaning it has a new kitchen sink and counter top, but with old cupboards.. now none of that will mater once i fill it up with my shit.. and make it my home. i could of went for a wholly renovated suite on the 14th floor facing the mountains, but it was quite small. so i went with the 8th floor, the extra 100 sq. ft. and a view of downtown instead. i will probably flickr some pix when i move in. but for now, you all can rest assured that i have a home for canada day!

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