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so yesterday i watched way too much ‘family guy’, especially episodes with the commentary turned on. i know this, because last night, my dreams had a voice track over top of whatever was going on. now, i don’t actually remember what i dreamt, so i can’t really write too much more… but i do distinctly recall the voice over… now onward.. this morning, when i woke up, i decided to toss on the hoodie and head out to cash in my free beverage at safeway… and on the way back the pad.. i ran into dave (one of the students who was working for one of the partnering offices of last week’s event)… it was kinda neat, actually running into somebody! he had a full car and obviously plans, so i just continued my voyage back home. i then chilled out for a while, finished my drink, and then headed back out and went to the book warehouse, where i picked up a book (reefer madness, schlosser, 2003). next, it was just me, my book and a bottle of water, that headed down to the beach.. it was unusually cold for May, but it was still pretty comfortable…. after a couple of hours of reading and people/water/mountain watching… the hunger started to engulf my mind, so i returned home and made some eats. then i read some more… took a shower… and watched some family guy. – please accept my apologies for this mundane post, but it’s all i can share without actually engaging in some multi-directional dialogue.

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