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so it wasn’t that long ago when i elected to spontaneously jumped on a plane and fly to the opposite side of this fine country of ours… in fact, the last time it occurred was just two weeks ago (about 3 hours after my last post), and this somewhat short visit back to the homeland, was one just sufficient enough to make that weekend seem right…

now, this trip wasn’t a typical trip home for me, it was more like me taking a short road-trip to see a friend that had recently moved a few hours away and me crashing at his place for a few days.. and by that i mean, it was familiar to me but could not facilitate my old routine, or allow me to reoccupy my old bedroom, my old car, or anything else that i would normally do if i still lived there… so in basically.. it was like a real mini-vacation – where i was able to simply visit my family and a couple friends… now, i don’t think i am making this distinction with my ‘feeling’ overly clear…. but that’s the best i can do, in this *cough cough* sick state i am in… but i hope some of you may be able to relate. ohh, and i need to thank my mom, for funding this last-minute trip and for continuing to encourage the development of my irrational decision-making skills. thanks mom!

so that is what happened two weekends ago.. and last weekend was northern voice… which is canada’s blogging conference.. and this is the second year i have volunteered… it was pretty good, as relatively small local conferences go… but i found it somewhat difficult to get there first thing in the morning.. especially since my body now operates on a 7-day cycle.. and that means.. fridays and saturdays waking before 8am can be extremely painful… and well, i didn’t really mingle as much as i normal like to do at conferences, but i think that may have to do with me knowing too many people there and me not being kool enough to be proud of my little, non-revenue generating, non-educational, personal weblog…

now that the update is complete…. the question remains.. what to do this weekend? should i do my dishes (which i really really do need to do now)? should i go shopping? should i work on expanding my ever growing music library? should i make a detailed plan beforehand outlining every waking moment? or should i just roll with the punches?? and hope they beat me into a state that will excite and keep me coming back for more… i think i’ll go with the punches.. cheers!

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