an unclean dish

so, if you are wondering what happened to me doing that ever-exciting play-by-play of me doing my dishes… well.. lets just say, that event has suffered from an ‘unanticipated setback’… it seems that my self-induced ‘kept-it-tidy’ training program has failed… and i have fallen back in to my old ways… back to a time.. when i truly hated washing dishes…

now keep in mind, for the last year or so, i have more or less successfully kept on top of doing them.. usually cleaning them before i require the use of something that is already dirty. but lately, i just can’t gather enough energy and motivation to stand there, uncomfortably hunched over, while i struggle to wash the remains of food off my cheap ikea-brand tableware.

maybe if the sink was three inches higher or if i had a window or a motivational striper or something, it would be less of an unpleasant chore, but i doubt it. i just don’t think there is anything in this whole world that could make dish washing an enjoyable activity for me, especially if the joy of a clean kitchen isn’t enough to cut it.

This is why a dishwasher was like number 1 on my must haves list when I searched for my apartment!

2006.02.03 5:57 pm

cleaning dishes ain’t so bad. motivational stripper? how would that work? I don’t know, but it’s sure a funny image.

2006.02.03 9:10 pm

it always fails buddy. i do dishes two days straight and i think i’m a new man. i put my dirty clothes in the hamper, i might even do my bed.. a new beginning right? it always fails.. but at least we try.

2006.02.03 11:06 pm


u tall people ! what about a chair ? lol……..oh by the way, i dont think dishwashers save much time, cos u still have to give your plates a bit of a clean before u put them in there.

2006.02.06 11:00 pm


I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY! my roomie and i are terrible, we use all the dishes, all the pots, then we start using the tupperware as bowls and the lids as plates…we have like 60 glasses, and usually drink stuff outta the carton/can/box/bottle it came in, and we still manage to dirty every single thing until we can finally look at eachother and say, “ok…lets do these fuckin dishes” Dishes SUCK! N Dishwashers are pretty bad too! When I am old and rich, im getting an industrial dishwasher, that no rinsin is required, chunks and all, washes insanely hot, comes out spotless and is done in a minute! Now I just have to find something that washes, folds and puts away laundry all in one, and I’m SET! (sorry for the length)

2006.02.07 10:50 pm

What I used to do was pile the dishes in the sink and put a towel over them so they weren’t visible. I had a dishwasher but it seemed like more work. When I started to hide the dishes in the dishwasher as well, I knew it was time to wash time. LOL>

2006.02.14 6:18 pm


HAHAHA this reminds me of when I lived with BEN…I would put the dishes in the oven and it was like magic…they would be all done and put away. (ben would obviously wash them) but the oven was like my dish washer, it acted the same way 🙂

2006.02.15 1:42 pm

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