an unclean dish

so, if you are wondering what happened to me doing that ever-exciting play-by-play of me doing my dishes… well.. lets just say, that event has suffered from an ‘unanticipated setback’… it seems that my self-induced ‘kept-it-tidy’ training program has failed… and i have fallen back in to my old ways… back to a time.. when i truly hated washing dishes…

now keep in mind, for the last year or so, i have more or less successfully kept on top of doing them.. usually cleaning them before i require the use of something that is already dirty. but lately, i just can’t gather enough energy and motivation to stand there, uncomfortably hunched over, while i struggle to wash the remains of food off my cheap ikea-brand tableware.

maybe if the sink was three inches higher or if i had a window or a motivational striper or something, it would be less of an unpleasant chore, but i doubt it. i just don’t think there is anything in this whole world that could make dish washing an enjoyable activity for me, especially if the joy of a clean kitchen isn’t enough to cut it.

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