have no fear

have no fear… is still here… i have just been somewhat preoccupied with other mundane activities that tend to fill up my leisure time just about as much as writing in this blog does… and to-boot i have had nothing interesting to write about.. until a few moments ago.. when i was scanning my rss reader.. and saw mark’s latest entry on his blog.. and well.. all i have to say is… this is for you man!!! and your link is now back on my site!!! ohh yeah.. and for crystal.. who was actually the first to complain back on the 25th… but who i had moderated out, since i deemed her comment to be off topic.. anyways.. crystal’s comment and mark’s link…is back.. and so am i… more to come later.. like an intense play-by-play of me doing my laundry.. or even my dishes… da da daummmm


hey man, im pretty patient, but over a week, now thats just flat out neglect! now go out and do some fun stuff so your fans have something to read about dammit!!!

2006.01.31 2:52 pm

hey joe. thanks for the comment and the kind email reminding me to accept said comment. i would have responded with a personal thank you but my outgoing email is broken and no new posts for a while from you. You have been one of my true blogging friends from the beginning and for some reason that means a lot…? I’m a weird internet geek. Unfortunately I can’t make it out to Northern Voice or visit you and Heba like I would love too… but maybe in the summer! i’ll keep you posted, probably via geeky things like blogs.

2006.01.31 8:55 pm


Thanks joe. I love you.

2006.02.01 7:15 am

Can you tell i don’t comment much? i’m annonymous, and i stopped loving you 10 seconds ago.

2006.02.01 7:16 am

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