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so yesterday i joined vancouver’s co-operative auto network (CAN)… which means i am now a part owner of over 120 cars in the GVRD and i share these vehicles with about 2100 other members… so for $15/month, $2/hour, and 28¢/km… i can book a car online (or call), jump in, and hit the open road… these fees fully include the cost of gas, insurance, city-wide permit parking, repairs, cleaning, bcaa membership, etc… it’s the perfect solution, for those random times when i need to hit-up a big-box store, pick-up my hot date, or to simply soothe the burning craving, i so often get, to drive a motorized vehicle… now, the co-op is not ideal for long road trips or for driving to and from work, or anything like that.. but that’s what rentals and the bus are for… ohh, and the best part.. the closest car to me.. is right downstairs in my building’s parking lot… now only if they would hurry up and activate my account, so i could drive baby, drive!

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That is so cool! I’ve always wanted a city “pod” system! Next up, flying cars.

2006.02.26 4:51 pm


cool! Now you won’t be complaining as much. And, having the closest car downstairs? that’s awesome!!

[I think you should have done this 6 months earlier.]

2006.02.27 11:27 am


how long can use the car for per day or week? do u have to book well in advance?

2006.02.27 4:59 pm

that’s awesome actually. is it that easy? are the cars available to you when you need them? it sounds a little too good to be true, no? you’ll have to tell us how it goes.

2006.02.28 1:31 pm

well i can use a car for as long as i want.. but it would add up pretty quickly ($24/day max +km)… and… availability.. well that depends.. if i need to book something for, lets say, this friday nite.. which would be no problem… but during the daytime this weekend.. i may not get the actual car in my parking lot… but rather one of the other cars within a block of me.. with no prob at all… however, i was actually able to score the car in my parking lot for this saturday from 11am to 3pm… so it may always be this easy…  now… i am not quite sure where i am going to go with this car yet.. but yeah… no doubt i’ll figure it out..  meaning suburbia here i come!!

2006.02.28 9:36 pm


im so pumped that you joined the car co-op since due to my ignorance of the program, ive participated in quite a bit of research regarding the program. lol. i think its a really good idea and as long as you use it for the right reasons and not work and stuff, it will work out amazingly to your benefit, AND YOU GET A DISCOUNT ON YOUR BUS PASS!!! 30% BABY! *score!*

2006.02.28 11:21 pm


welcome aboard, joey. you’ll love the urban freedom that being a CAN members affords you.
see you on the open road!

2006.03.06 5:14 pm

ok folks.. here are the new CAN flex rates…

0-87 km = Low Usage
$6.25 monthly admin; $2/hour & $0.38/km; or
88-249 km = Moderate Usage
$15.00 monthly admin; $2/hour & $0.28/ km; or
250 km or more = High Usage
$40.00 monthly admin; $2/hour & $0.18/km.

they/we added the low usage one (to the flex plan) – which last month i happened to fall into… hurray for car sharing!

2006.05.18 4:09 pm

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