british accent, online banter & prayers

so tonight i finally went out with my neighbours… and as a result i have learned a very valuable life-lesson.. ‘get to know your neighbours as soon as you move somewhere new’… knock on their door.. do whatever.. just determine if they are kool or not asap… kuz umm… helen and john are pretty kool neighbours.. and well, they are moving back to england on tuesday.. so ummm…. yeah.. i have missed out on a lot of possible good times… and ummm… lets just say i have hopefully learned my lesson…

also tonight… i talked (IM-style) to crissy for, i guess it was, hours… even though it seems like it was just minutes… our conversation at times was aided by the use of handy props like santa hats, reindeer antlers and sunglasses… but yeah, as usual we managed to entertain ourselves… since all these crazy antics we partake in always keep our relationship interesting, entertaining, and quite eventful, even though it remains wholly online…

anyways, i hope my new neighbours are kool.. even tough i have a sneaking suspicion that they won’t be.. and that they will complain about the music i have playing every waking minute… or something… but then again.. maybe they will be awesome.. and have a better music selection than me.. and also have a better bar.. which they will often invite me over to help consume!

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