high definition analogy

so while talking to my buddy gerald today via IM, he noticed an important discovery… he was able to draw a conclusion that helps makes sense of explaining my need for having a high-quality television (…such as the 40″ Sony Bravia™ KDLV40XBR1) and well, that deduction is nothing less than a desire to use it to pickup chicks…. sounds kinda crazy at first.. but when you compare it to guys wanting a fancy car.. it starts to make sense… we all know that cars and other expensive goods do not directly connect you to women.. but they do work on another level… the confidence level… the pride level.. the level that makes us men not be wusses, to take risks to get what we want, etc. i dunno personally, i think i just want to watch tv and have a clear picture, but if it is going to help me pick up… then all the more reason to splurge… comments?

I don’t know.. a fancy car is something people see outside your house.. I’m not sure a cool tv does that, since by the time they see it, haven’t you already picked up? But I do see your point about giving confidence is the underlying gain.

2005.10.20 7:56 pm


Uh, let me give my weak insight.

The only people who will be impressed by a TV are other guys, if you want to impress chicks you need the sweet surround system – like Mikey Smith. Guys are impressed by big ass TVS, girls like things that vibrate.

Any Takers?

2005.10.20 9:47 pm


i think it has to do more with closing the deal… it’s easy to get a chick to see your apartment… but the bedroom? that requires some effort… and effort sucks… so if Joe believes a 40″ tv will do the work for him… more power to him…

… wine works too

2005.10.20 9:50 pm


#1) i agree with the dood that said u already picked up if she’s watchin your tv
#2) joey, why would you need a tv to give you confidence, you already know you are the the most supercool person ever!
#3) if a chick is gonna be with ya just cuz you have a big tv, chances are you dont want her anyway…i mean…jeez, atleast go after a big penis…but a big tv? cmon!

2005.10.20 10:07 pm


#4) joey is mine, so he doesnt have to be pickin up chicks anyway!!!
(and i take back my “some dood” and replace it with “dan”)

2005.10.20 10:11 pm

more importantly, where would you put such an amazing tv? because clearly this would become your new computer monitor (oh man that would be sweet), so would you put it in your bedroom, where your computer probably resides, or in your living room, where you probably want to watch movies and whatnot. for you, since you live by yourself (dont you?) i would just put my bed in the living room and do everything there, make the bedroom storage or something. man thats a sweet tv.

2005.10.26 7:57 pm


Well I am with Jeff all the way with the vibrating things and I am also up for taking on Crystal in the fight to claim Joey as MINE!

2005.10.29 5:48 pm


awww…there wasnt really sposta be a fight…im a lover, not a fighter…lol

2005.10.30 2:34 pm


it doesnt look like u have to do anything to get the girls Joey….save your money for something else.

2005.10.31 12:55 am


Well Crystal, I suppose I could share him with ya then, how’s that sound?

2005.11.01 6:40 am

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