high definition analogy

so while talking to my buddy gerald today via IM, he noticed an important discovery… he was able to draw a conclusion that helps makes sense of explaining my need for having a high-quality television (…such as the 40″ Sony Bravia™ KDLV40XBR1) and well, that deduction is nothing less than a desire to use it to pickup chicks…. sounds kinda crazy at first.. but when you compare it to guys wanting a fancy car.. it starts to make sense… we all know that cars and other expensive goods do not directly connect you to women.. but they do work on another level… the confidence level… the pride level.. the level that makes us men not be wusses, to take risks to get what we want, etc. i dunno personally, i think i just want to watch tv and have a clear picture, but if it is going to help me pick up… then all the more reason to splurge… comments?

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