an ad-hoc entry

so lets all assume that everything is in a cycle… and this cycle is made up of many other cycles and these cycles vary in size and magnitude and all have different characteristics and attributes… every cycle can be linked across cycles and within each cycle there can be an unlimited combination of mini-cycles. lets also assume this doesn’t mean that the same things will occur repetitively and indefinitely, since the journey through a cycle can lead to new cycles which must be, due to assumption one, part of a larger cycle. hey.. now lets assume that we totally transcend ‘the cycle’ and the closest we ever get to it… is through our relationship with the recurring succession of events that are sequences in our lives. and finally lets assume that this entry was only created for the purpose of creating this single entry and that it can only exist if it is part of a cycle.

is this entry even possible?


Just when I think I understand how your brain works, you come up with something like this, now I don’t know what I think!

2005.03.22 12:54 pm


You’re crazy man…
I’m trapped in your entry cycle now @_@

2005.03.22 1:53 pm

Wing Dreamer

ha-ha made perfect sense to me…

2005.03.23 8:59 pm

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