banged up music collection

so for the past day or so, i have been struggling to find some music that i could just put on and have it not annoy me… no matter what i choose it seems to bug me somehow, well almost except for the newest ‘six organs of admittance’ album, which just seems to be the only album that ‘can’ fall nicely into the background. but overall.. the normal ‘put shuffle on’ when all else fails has not been working. guess i need to find some new tunes… the hunt is on, or maybe i should just watch some family guy?

Wing Dreamer

Try Pink Floyd……”I have become comfortably numb”..just heard that song on the radio – it’s as good now as it was when I saw the group live featuring Roger Waters. Had front row seats………..mind boggling, profound lyrics.

2005.03.08 9:18 pm

that’s not new music.. but i guess it would be new to me, since i have typically been uncontrollably reluctant to enjoy any old music. not really sure why, maybe because it is just not as kool, to be actively involved with music that is way before my time, as it is to be on top of bleeding edge new talent (that may or may not be inspired by the old stuff).

2005.03.08 9:32 pm


Hey, if you want new music….there’s this band called Gratitude, they opened for Jimmy Eat World when I went. They’re pretty good…and very new. I suggest listening 🙂

2005.03.26 6:46 am

kool… i’ll check em out.. thanks for the tip!!

2005.03.30 6:42 pm

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