so many of you may be wondering what this odd image is, but it is a shot of the birthday balloons (and flowers – not shown), that my mom sent me to work. … more to come about my birthday after lunch … lunch time… (time passes.. it’s now 7:56) ok… i am now home… and today was a good day.. a lot of things happened, and i was busy busy all day… and i liked it… high pace is good (well i dunno about everyday)… and now.. i am clam and relaxed… i am thinking i will go out later and grab a few beverages for my birthday, but right now.. i am content laying here.. drinking water and just chillin…. well i am also msn’n it up.. and i have been abusing this unlimited long distance i have kickin… bless the internet!! so… thanks everyone for your contribution to my birthday (and to canada post’s revenue)… whether it be a phone call, e-card, real card, underwear, flowers/balloons, coupon for granola bars, msn message, or in-person verbal happy birthday.. thanks.. you all made my day!! cheers!

well let me be the first to give you an e-blog- comment-happy-birthday-wish:

happy birthday dude.

2005.03.11 12:08 am


Happy Birthday d00d..

2005.03.11 12:51 am

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