urban shine

so today is gorgeous out. it’s sunny, warm, and this city is radiating in every direction. walking around, looking up, with some quality indie canadian music in the background (stars), the sun shining down and reflecting off of the water, while the sail boats coast by, and the mountains look down over all of us… vancouver is such a pretty place. yesterday, dre and i even discovered that we have an ‘unauthorized’ balcony on the roof of our apartment… with a stunning view… and it’s pretty easy to get to… all you have to do is climb through this little window.. and viola… ohh yeah and friday.. we went on a little road trip to the US of A… which was good.. well for the cheap beer, boxed wine, and the indian casino… but for the most part the trip was simply an eye opener.. where i realized how much i enjoy living in the heart of kits… away from big box corporate america, and where the spirit of the city shines just like the sun (or flows like the rain).


Wow, it all sounds amazing, I can’t wait to experience a little piece of that atmosphere!

2005.03.13 8:47 pm

yeah.. i am sure you will enjoy every moment!!

2005.03.13 9:22 pm

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