so i am 25 and just moments ago [well actually it was hours ago due to self-imposed editorial constraints] i realized that i am not an old man but rather i am the youngest of men… and i also realized car rental places have had it right all along… kuz at 25 you really do suddenly grow up (and no longer have the urge to totally burn their cars’ brakes out for mere entertainment purposes)…. but would rather spend your time doing productive things that can actually benefit a positive predetermined cause or that can contribute towards something that will make your life happy in the future and/or even right now.

you see, at 25 i guess the world is your oyster… if you played your cards right (assuming the cards you were dealt were good) you should be in a situation that is pretty much similar to any other new beginning in your life… i say this, kuz me being 25 really feels like i am starting at a new school… or something like that… kuz i know i have done what it takes to get here… but i am still pretty much unfamiliar with it all… now, keep in mind at work… i am getting the hang of it, no prob at all… but in my personal life…. i still pretty much feel like i am on a short-term holiday, away from my friends and girlfriend, which means it doesn’t really matter what i do now, kuz when this is over it will all be back to how it was before i left…… the problem is i know this is not true… i now know living away from home is not a short-term thing…. i know that me living day-to-day now is actually my life… and whenever i can do things that make me happy, i should… ok.. forget about my logic and theories… maybe it will be most beneficial if we look at another popular medium that helps indoctrinate us all… such as, american network television… so lets focus on popular sitcoms or dramas or any type of show with characters in the 25-35 age group… we can see that the majority of their ‘televised’ lives are absorbed not by working, blogging, or recycling, or toilet cleaning, or anything common to me like that.. but rather by the pursue of finding a perfect date or a perfect life-partner…. so well… i guess i need to start doing that… not kuz american network television knows best… but rather kuz i know this is what i am missing…

wow joey, you’re deep. i guess i won’t understand what that’s like until I’m 25…

2006.04.11 12:11 pm

haha.. yeah.. deep or maybe just confused.. hahaha…

2006.04.11 12:15 pm


wow I had this whole thing typed out for you giving you sisterly advice…but I think we might in the same boat…

2006.04.11 12:54 pm

well feel free to share your big long comment.. kuz i am curious to read what you wrote and what you think…

2006.04.11 12:57 pm

yes… really really deep… lol

I’m actually beginning to think things like that about my life, and I’m only 21
(I know none of you care about it, but i just had the need to tell it :D)

2006.04.11 2:15 pm

Joe, did you get the memo about 25? Using ‘kuz’ for ‘because’ is no longer permitted.

– Mngmnt

2006.04.11 4:46 pm

ohh 21 is rough too my friend.. but 25 is way worse.. so heads up!… and to mark.. you think i am actually going to stop just kuz a memo told me to.. pfft.. lol..

this is actually funny since i have auto-correct in word/entourage set to auto change ‘kuz’ to ‘because’ whenever i type it… but then i guess i do this for every short-form i use… auto-correct rules… kuz nothing beats writing a formal document/email using IM-speak and have it come out all pro.

2006.04.11 8:53 pm

I guess I didn’t play my cards right. lol I’m 28, I’m single, I have a job that will earn me a phd in one or two years (hopefully before I turn 30) which doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Yet somehow I don’t have a perspective on life. Despite the phd. At some point I took a wrong turn and now I’m in the middle of something I can’t get out of easily. Responsibility sucks. Make sure you don’t get tied up in stuff you are going to hate. But do not avoid responsibility because it is like an anchor that pulls you forward. It’s great when you enjoy it because things evolve and improve and it seems as if you don’t have to put much effort into it. However, it’s like being tied by your hands and dragged down a dirt road by a horse if you hate it. That’s where I am. Damn!

2006.04.18 12:55 pm

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