why i didn’t write this blog entry

there are so many things i have wanted to blog about lately… interesting topics that would stir conversation and entertain many of you for hours… like how i think i am almost over my apparent obsession with arguing about the deposit-driven beverage container recycling system here; how routine environments help flourish inside humor and why inside jokes are important; how i am going to go out, buy, and learn, how to play guitar; how i am now a card carrying member of (the evil) costco; how i have made my blog load faster by removing all javascript and tables; how i am in need for a new and refined wardrobe; how i spent 3 evenings in-a-row socializing with other actual real people; and how i did many, many other things that, if i wrote about them, you blog-reading folk could have fed off of for… like i said… hours… but instead… i unintentional (of course) neglect you all… and only share these items in local and offline conversation.

ps. this blog entry kinda reminds me of my grade 8 speech, which broke-free from my then warn ‘story-driven’ type speeches that i had presented since grade 4… so i think i’ll name this post after it… “why i didn’t write this speech” blog entry”

What the heck has happened to the blog author that submitted this entry? and let us see the inner workings of his mind.
Spider Webs 2004.10.19 03:02

2006.04.03 7:12 pm

well back when i wrote ‘spider webs‘ in august ’04… my life was very different than it is today… kuz now there are no spider webs inspiring that kind of writing… and the idle and familiar room that offered many locations for the webs to sustain and spread… no longer exists… progress marches on… and so should your hopes of me changing my focus back to the past – i am going to learn how to play guitar damn it!!!!

2006.04.03 7:46 pm

I have always felt that you understate and underplay your accomplishments thus far. The pride and admiration I hold for you is ineffable.
The conversations of that “spider webs” blog entry never ceases to amaze me because you made a decision to move past the inner workings of your “then” mindset….progess as you call it, now.
Learning to play the guitar should come easy to you, as your family lineage is musically talented but mainly because I think you will not have any trouble tapping into the “creative energy” of something that already soothes your soul -the love of music.

2006.04.05 10:42 am


Joey, I am so pumped that you are gonna learn how to play the guitar! Just don’t get better than me! And good for you for moving forward. Just don’t forget about us LOYAL readers that visit on a regular basis to read what you have to say!

I still don’t understand how the costco membership is going to benefit you in any way, other than allowing you to own way too much of every product in your kitchen, but hey, shopping is fun no matter where it is!

Anyways, I admire you for not “settling”, and I really hope you find everything it is that you are looking for Joey, cuz you deserve it! 🙂

2006.04.06 3:08 pm


so what do costco sell? *lol* – i really have no idea.
in a way its good to see u blogging less- u r out there enjoying life more

2006.04.09 11:50 pm

the benefits that costco offers are great if you need 17 litres of shampoo and a box of 40 chicken breasts. i think eventually you might save some money. but then again you are forking out that membership fee. i don’t agree with spending money to save money. same with that dumbass sunrise member card and spc.

SPC with the student acct. @ royal was the best tho.

2006.04.10 10:31 pm

kat, costco is a membership-only warehouse store that sells everything from huge packages of batteries to, like jordan said, boxes of 40 chicken breasts.

and jordan, paying-for-saving used to bother me as well, until last year when i experienced the rogers video coupon book, which was like 20 bucks or something.. and those little coupons actually did provide me with way over that, initial cost, in savings..

i guess, buying coupons and paying membership fees, is like buying anything bulk in advance… like with my monthly bus pass… the anticipation of extend or normal use makes it a value to prepay, compared to paying full price every time… sure there is a risk (like i may lose my pass or something)… but the value and convenience it provides almost always outweighs this possibility…

and crissy.. you’re right..  i do deserve it! 🙂

2006.04.11 6:26 am

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